1:1 VIP Ascend to Appreciation Session

Thank you for having a desire to understand how to manifest more of your wants in your life now. Gratitude is the foundation to manifesting your desires. This four hour session is rooted in the understanding of the marriage of Gratitude and and Law of Attraction.  

I have been living and teaching about Gratitude and Law of Attraction for over 10 years. The connection created with this energy have allowed me to be an example and vessel to teach others. We all have points in our life where we manifest by default and accept/settle for what shows up in our life.

During your time with me, I will guide you to a clearer understanding of how the energy works and the power you have in creating.   This is step by step process filled with explanations, exercises and  Lemurian Light Energy work to clear up the blockages to manifesting abundance.

If you are interested in hosting a group session, please contact Hillis for additional information.


I had a pleasure to attend two Gratitude workshops by Hillis Pugh and experience his intuitive reading as well. I love how effective and truly eye opening those sessions were for me. I appreciate all things meaningful and people whose energy is just so positive and overflowing with love. I was introduced to Hillis before I even knew that he does Gratitude Sessions and Spiritual Readings, I always loved being around him because his energy is so incredible and puts me in peace. So when I found out that Hillis also does spiritual practices, I had no second thought about joining the workshops he teaches. I am so happy I did, because it helped a lot. I was very happy I attended the sessions and got a spiritual reading, it brought a lot of clarity to me about my life path. For anyone who’s feeling lost or generally tired. Honestly though, even if you feel just fine - still do it because trust me you will learn the things you want and need to know in life and grow even more spiritually. The topics discussed, the people you connect to, the eye opening conclusions you will find are all totally worth it! You will definitely not regret a bit. Everyone should attend a session. I highly recommend attending Hillis Pugh’s gratitude sessions and getting a spiritual reading. It brings lots of clarity and explanations to your current situation as well as will help you focus/refocus on your goals and needs in future . Hillis is very kind and giving person who genuinely cares about people and is able to share with you amazing knowledge that will help you on your life path a lot. What I loved about sessions a lot too is that it’s a very balanced experience, taking you from various talks about everyday life to how it all connects with spirituality and universe. The sessions have helped me to become more aware, focused, and grateful. Huge thank you Hillis!!! You are the best!!!

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