Private VIP Ascend to Appreciation Session

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Private VIP Ascend to Appreciation Session




Thank you for having a desire to understand how to manifest more of your wants in your life now. Gratitude is the foundation to manifesting your desires. This four hour session is rooted in the understanding of the marriage of Gratitude and and Law of Attraction.
I have been living and teaching about Gratitude and Law of Attraction for over 10 years. The connection created with this energy have allowed me to be an example and vessel to teach others. We all have points in our life where we manifest by default and accept/settle for what shows up in our life. During your time with me, I will guide you to a clearer understanding of how the energy works and the power you have in creating.
This is step by step process filled with explanations, exercises and  Lemurian Light Energy work to clear up the blockages to manifesting abundance.
You will also have 30 days of unlimited access to me for guidance on your path of manifesting.

If you are interested in hosting a group session, please contact Hillis for additional information.


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