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Hillis Pugh has taught his Gratitude and Law of Attraction Seminars, at the Edgar Cayce Center NYC, Maha Rose, Lightning Society, and other various locations in the New York area.

He has also spoken for the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, New Life Expo, Gratitude Migration, and other local events and venues.

Signature Talk – 45 Minutes to 2 hours :

Manifesting With Gratitude:
Gratitude is the foundation to allow your desires to manifest. This interactive talk covers defining Law of Attraction and Gratitude and how they linked in our daily lives in the process of manifesting. The audience is guided to the understanding of the varying levels of manifesting through a spiritual equation, (Thoughts+Feelings+Words=Manifestations).

Manifest Mindset Masterclass 5-Hour Version

The attendees will discover and learn about the symbiotic relationship between the Law of Attraction and Gratitude. The synergy between the two will be explored while cultivating the vibration to manifest desires.

During the course of the day, there will be intuitive healing and chakra balancing. As an attendee, you will focus on understanding and setting of intentions and expectations, while working through the allowing and recognizing of abundance in all forms.

This will be accomplished through group exercises and questions that arise throughout the seminar. Concluding in of a 1-hour group reiki session to focus on releasing individual blocks. Each attendee can expect a fresh and insightful view on gratitude opening up to a new path of appreciation from a personal, yet, objective perspective.

2-hour Version A condensed version of the 5-hour, minus the full day healing portion.


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