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Thank you for stopping by to learn about the Lemurian Light Energy Work.

I am a certified Lemurian Light Energy Worker, Energy Nourisher and Soul Mentor. I am 1 of 15 people utilizing this healing modality.The gift of Lemurain Light was given to me to be of service to you. To assist in the raising the vibration on the planet.


Sirian and Lemurian council of light.

No healing modality has ever escaped this world. Everybody that has brought a healing modality to this plane, has used it and or shared it with others.

I bring a new yet older Healing Modality to planet earth. I am a Lemurian dreamer, from the Sirian love, who works closely with Sirian council and the Galactic Federation of light and love. I bring forth the power of Sirian and Lemuria into a unique Authentic powerful healing modality. The Lemurian light healing modality is a modality I facilitate while in Sirius and Lemuria. 

Lemurian light healing uses everything around us from all the elements to infrared bands, sound frequencies, vibrations, sounds, hertz, colors, visible and non visible rays of light, webs of joy, love, bliss, all seven planes of existence, 7 Planes to ascension, creator, the seven powers of the soul, the five chakra systems, all 196 chakras within the body , etc.,You name it, everything that gives off energy can be used into healing energy, to heal wounds, trauma, pains, hardships, it’s healed . I Use the power of the infusion of love to heal. So be it.

This is the gift I bring from the inner world, of the Lemurian and the Sirian Galactic love council. The power to heal and transform peoples lives with the power of loves infusion, sounds, rhythms, patterns, vibrations, seen and unseen energies etc., from all planes, all dimensions, across all spaces and time. So be it.

The gift I facilitate bring has many gifts and one who receives and guides.


I chose the word nourisher because we all seek nourishment for our Soul. If we say heal, we are saying we are broken, but we are not, we seek to be whole.

My path began like most, seeking to heal, to be fixed. On the path of self-discovery, I learned that I am whole and still learning to be more complete with my self as I am.

As one who looks at the Soul, I understand each journey is individual and is filled the challenges on some level we choose to take on. Each Soul is unique and is on the journey to be whole to be one.

I am a facilitator of energy, as you, your soul is the one doing and allowing the nourishing to take place. Each session with me is different and unique to your Soul’s journey. I work with varying energy modalities and customize to your desired outcome. During the facilitation process, I work with psychic innate and intuitive abilities, crystals, Shamanic tools, guides, soul families, your soul, and masters.

Each Session is customize to meet your desires and work in the following areas.

  • Reiki
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Self Love
  • Inner Child
  • Trauma
  • Shame (Childhood – Adult)
  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • Energy Clearing
  • Soul Connection
  • Soul Retrieval 

I offer a 10-15 free consultation to offer a nourishing plan for your Soul if we choose to work together. Please contact me for a consultation before we begin to nourish your Soul.

*The first session will be approximately 90 minutes, this will include a consultation (aside from the initial consultation) to focus energy to give direction for the session.

*Please know that depending on the request for healing it may take more than one session.



I have worked with Hillis both as a colleague and as a healer. He is a very humble, kind, generous spirit, and it shows in every area of his work. His readings are beyond accurate and truly get to the heart of the hidden elements that need to come to the surface for transformation. I was also blessed with the opportunity to receive a Lemurian healing session with Hillis, and he was able to help me find and successfully integrate a soul fragment that I had lost over 40 years ago. Hillis is non-judgmental, open, and honest. Wonderful to work with, and an amazing healer! His work is purely light-based and it shows!

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