Free 20min Remote Nourishing Session

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Free 20min Remote Nourishing Session


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Exclusive for The Rise Up Summit attendees!

This free Distant Energy Nourishment Session is for 20 minutes.

The primary purpose of this session is for mild energy clearings or energy tunes-ups.

What is the process:

The client will have to fully present during this time, sitting or lying in stillness. The use of phone and video is not required.

The nourisher, I will sit in meditation and transmit, send loving energy to you for a time of 20 minutes. I will require your name and number to inform you via text when I will begin and end the remote session. If there are any questions prior to booking please email them to me, please use the contact form below.

The energy I will be sending will be of Lemurian and Sirian Light.

Thank you.

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