Custom Light Language Code

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I am a certified Lemurian Light Energy Worker, Energy Nourisher, and Soul Mentor. The gift of Lemurian Light was given to me to be of service to you. To assist in raising the vibration on the planet.

Each Soul is unique and is on the journey to be whole to be one. Each soul carries its own unique energy signature, frequency.  This custom service is one dedicated to you following your path and connection to your soul.  The process of this session is us working together to establish a connection to your Higher Self, your Soul Self. Once connected, the process begins in me receiving this energy of this custom code for you.  It is recommended that you have already had received previous Lemurian Light Sessions. If not, please book your session here.

Once this code is received, it will be hand-drawn by me ( a light language word may accompany the drawing) and sent to you when ready. Please allow 24-48 hours for final digital delivery. This will be only in digital format at this time.

The purpose and how to use this code:

The purpose of this activation code is to establish a higher stable connection to your Higher Self, Soul, Source Self.  You can use this code in meditation by having a vision of it or a printout of it. When you being to use code, you may notice subtle energies taking over or may not. The process of what you feel is based on your intention of connection. Be aware of your thoughts and energy prior, during, and after meditation when using this code. This code is for your eyes and uses only. Do not share this with anyone as it is tuned to your energies.

*The time for this process may take a little as 30min or as much to an hour.*


I heard of Hillis through Maha Rose Healing Center and I was curious about his work and his experience so I contacted him directly. My expectations were surpassed when I realized that Hillis is truly amazing! He is kind, generous and caring! I recommend Hillis to anyone who wants a different healing experience offered by and exceptional person.

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