Work In Progress

Hillis_Pugh_Work_In_ProgressThe path we choose opens us to many transformative opportunities.  The progress we make can only lead to awakening evolution of self.

Work in Progress 


Learned Learning will Learn more about this work of art

it only matters what you believe the truth

true to you give others around the clue to living

astounded by the findings life’s secret is no secret it is within all


Soul searching can’t go wrong when you try what you may find friends last relationships a thing of the past

the air shifts drifts picking up new experiences new sensations then settles dies out longing for something to move to pick up and carry to add to what’s been learned


Taking time to create us His works unique in every way possible imaginable

being free to see the good and bad of it all

fortunate to be blessed with a talent find it use it share it grow with it


Realizing what is inside once hidden now another layer of skin driven with knowledge and the fear of what may be learned prepared for the event of life’s ride bumps and bruises will subside


Working on building on what was learned what was taught what will be discovered

who and what you are and will be continuously evolving naturally




Excerpt from my book Silver sPHere.