Spiritual Journey (Ceremony)

My journey of knowing myself better, to release, to purge no longer of what was taken on. My spiritual journey, yaji,  started when spiritual friends of mine shared their experiences, which intrigued me. I grew more curious and then was shown a documentary called the Spirit Molecule. I highly suggest watching it and similar documentaries to gain further insight about ceremony. You can watch, read, and listen to other stories and experiences, but your journey will be your own, as I will share mine with you.

I have experienced two ceremonies, and the two were completely different. My first experience I was alone physically, but felt my spirit guides and my partner with me. This experience was a very jovial one. Once the plant medicine began to take effect, I felt a tingling sensation in my hands and soon throughout my body. As I became one with the plant medicine, I felt a calmness, harmony, and true oneness with others in the room, and energies. During ceremony music is played, songs are sung, spirits dance and I was one of the dancing spirits. I swayed with the music and at times I felt so light my soul was trying lift, levitate my physical body. I always wanted to fly, and this is as close as I came to it.

Once the sensation of flying passed. I began to close my eyes and questions to myself. The questions I can’t recall, but the answers I received, I will share later in the post, in the form of a poem, which I wrote with my eyes closed. The visions I saw during these revealing moments are similar to the photo in this post. This allowed to gain more insight to self, guiding, preparing for what is come next in my life.

As this phase ended, I began to purge through laughter.

Laughter is truly the best medicine. With each laugh I felt lighter and freer from what I was carrying, all the questions I burden myself with, and just allowed myself to be. From this I learned how to carry light, love, and laughter in each day, I do my best to anyway. This was a reminder to live lightly.  Each experience is made with your intention. I didn’t have one I was consciously aware of, but my Soul had a plan and I trusted my Soul to guide me, with all other present Spirits. Here is my reminder and gift to you…


Prism StarHillis_Pugh_Prisim_Star_

A vision of stars shining pulsating with every glimmer
Outstretched infinitely
Reaching me
Sending messages

With approach
Notice light passing through becoming more infinite colors
One color bleeding into the next

A fractal piece of a larger whole
I am you
You are me
We are one
We are light
We are Source

Being all there is
No greater experience
In the process of knowing feeling being

I am the conductor of a grand orchestra
Playing out a symphony I wrote
A symphonious magistery

Infinitely bound
Honoring each muse
Giving what’s given
Understanding the vibrational match of what’s called forth

Infinitely existed
Manifested in many ways many forms
Interpreted by sound
Interpreted by words
Appreciation shown and expressed greatly

Creating shapes
Lines bend
I notice you
I see you
This is who I am

Energy no longer contained
Expressed gracefully
All in harmony
All in unison

More than physical projection
Being a signature
Being a light
Being a star

Reaching for the Heavens
Letting go
Being here now
Being there always

Allowing an effervescent presence to sweep in
Now guided by joy bringers
All has light to bring what is attracted
What is our focus
Where is our light cast

A star among stars
Light with Light
We are here
We are loved
We are all that IS
May you remember all that you are
Eyes closed
Soul open


Hillis_Pugh_Spiritual_Journey (2)My second ceremony,  spiritual journey, was much more intense, and vivid. As before, once the plant medicine began to take effect, I felt a tingling sensation in my hands and soon throughout my body. As I became one with the plant medicine, I felt a calmness, harmony, and true oneness with others in the room, and energies. This time I was not physically alone, my partner was with me, and felt the love of many Spirits.

As I started to feel the plant medicine, I began to see geometric shapes, very vivid in color, the shapes took on the appearance of a carnival. I slowly began to play with the shapes, and as I did I saw my hands as geometric patterns. As I am I experiencing these visions, physically, there is a definite feeling of pure joy, of pure love. This is a feeling we all desire to have in our daily life.

As minutes turned into hours, I continuously played with the energy I saw. This experience allowed for much more freedom of the energy to flow. As I am receiving a better understanding of how the energy is flowing in and around life. Being a witness to this flow, I felt like a child in first grade. I received a better understanding in how the chakra system works and how we send and receive energy through the body. With a new understanding came the purging of old/misinformed knowledge, in the form of tears.

As the tears flowed, so did new knowledge. I saw myself seated in lotus position, in a dense energy, suspended. Then an influx of golden streams (light) started to pour in from above and below, straight into my core. This was a healing light. As it moved throughout my body it was guiding me to release what it was I’ve been holding on too, I no longer wanted. As the light move through my throat chakra, I purged any blocks that was preventing me from using my true voice.

After I was done purging the old energy, I rested my body and soul, as it did a tremendous amount of work. Though in my rested state, I still was able to see vivid images to soothe the soul. I came away with a new understanding of how the energy systems works, and a new voice.


This is my remembrance of my second ceremony, I am sharing with you.


All Gone

Surround by toxic energy
Feeling the weight of the dense light
Absorbing the light of existence

The light is what we create
Purity of purpose
Tainted through experience
This is what we choose

Coming back to center
This is the core the center of birth
A connection of oneness
Sensation once felt in light
The first form

Body tingles
Billions of light befall upon the body
Swaying to the waves of light
Bliss is the state of one peace

A new level
A higher level of consciousness comes to physical awareness
We are now one
We are one entity with a Soul Signature

Coming to a place of release
Purge the excess
Purge the old
Purge the dense energy
Purge what was taken on
Purge what is no longer identified to the Soul Signature

An influx of golden light fills this form as the dense light is spewed out
The joy of release is expressed with a smile and thank you

Your wish is my command as the creator and creation now merge
Here is the moment where all is understood
As one
Reconnecting with once thought lost

Feeling better now that it’s all gone
The path chosen
Welcoming our inheritance
Knowing we are all one
Light connected
One soul
One being
My experience with signature souls

Love is all we need
Need to feel
Need to release
Need to give self

Not the same as before
Better that it’s all gone