Soul Signature

Soul_signture_hillis_pughToday have appreciation for your Soul Signature.

What is our soul signature? Our soul signature is like a fingerprint, it is our personal vibration other souls recognize. Our signature stays with us from the time of our first incarnation, our first creation. This light is the core, the spark of our being. This spark stays with us in the physical and nonphysical, this is how we reconnect with our soul family, soul mates, and twin flame. Our signature is more than others identifying us, it is self remembering Self. It is our purpose and passion we awaken to. The question now becomes, how do we know if we are expressing our Soul Signature or Ego?

The ego has an incessant desire to keep attaching itself to any and all emotions to heighten any sensation of mood. The ego is scatterbrain. Our authentic self, our Soul Signature is focused and patient. Our soul allows self to make the choices it desires, without any interference, unless there is a sense of danger. Yet the Soul is there for guidance, offering little nudges by voicing itself to us. It is up to us to listen. Our Soul speaks to us in many ways, in ways in which we will understand and feel comfort, unlike the ego. This comfort soothes us to ensure we are making the right choices to guide us in life and on our path.

When we enter in this life, in this world, we already know what it is we are going to do. Our childish passion, drives us to fulfilling grand dreams. Through human maturity, our sense of passion dims from the previous generation of nurturing. We gain a desire to conform and fit in. We lose our spark, the spark driving all creation, until we decide to wake from the walking slumber to follow our bliss. While now, as I am seeing there is stronger desire to nurture a young soul’s passion. I’m in no way disagreeing with past methods, they were needed as examples to guide us into better nurturing conditions for the young/old souls coming forth now.

Our soul already knows what it wants. We already know what we want, because we are our Soul. Though our Soul allows us to experience many experiences, this enables us to remember our purpose, our job, our mission here on Earth. Our purpose is to love and evolve. Each phase, each action, every thought, every connection allows us to remember who we truly are. When we incarnate, we made the choice to forget who we truly are. Through the pre-life planning, we chose to surround our self with other souls who will aid in guiding us on our journey to remember Self. We can also choose to accept their help or fly solo and go through this process alone. Even if we choose to go in solo, there will always be other guides and entities, both physical and nonphysical to aid us on this journey. How? This is our Soul’s way of nudging us in the right direction to follow our path. The Soul takes passive action to allow other souls to assist you. It is up to self to listen and receive the help offered.

If we choose to listen to the guidance and accept the help offered, our path becomes more open the further along our journey. We will come to a place of alignment and simply allow our passion to flourish. This happens when we accepting our self as we are, knowing we are enough, we matter, and we are worthy of our existence. Yes there are moments where we don’t feel as such, but this is when we allow yourself to feel what you feel, only to release it, knowing there is some better feeling coming. This better feeling sends a light, a vibration to the universe, to your Soul, saying “I am ready for more good feelings.” Then They send you more moments to enjoy feeling good. This is your soul expressing and appreciating Itself for being open to receive. But how do we know if this is really our Soul and not our ego?

We know when we feel good, an authentic feeling of feeling good. These are the moments that enduring and leave lasting impressions, not fleeting. Fleeting moments of joy set the stage for what is to come, what we have created soon to manifest in physical form. We create our experiences, we create how we feel, and we create our environment. We are creative beings, leaving a mark on what we create. It is important to our experience, letting others know we exist in some way, from, and fashion. Leaving a mark of existence is letting yourself and others know I do matter, it is also putting up a flag and gathering attention, “Look at what I’ve done!” Yet when others you want to pay attention don’t, your ego is bruised. Now what, create something bigger and send up a bigger flag until you get that attention you desire, and yes you deserve all the attention in the world Dear One, but remember this, why are you attracting something you already have. Love. This is why some of us create, to receive love. When we take all energy we are creating and push is outward, it drains the Soul of vital energy. When we take the energy inward then push it out little bits at time, we are restore and sustaining Self. We feel better, we feel good, because we share Self with what we have, with what have created without draining our vital energy.

We are energy, we are our Soul, and we are all we desire to be here, now, in the present. Our signature is creating an impression of love upon others, loving others, self and creations as they are, then becoming ready manifest higher levels of the same. We are here to remember, to awaken, and to evolve self and humanity. Our signature, our impression is to remember self, to remember others, to remember Source. Knowing we are energy above all is the mark left in us, remembering our capabilities is the journey we chose to partake. We are infinitely impressed upon each other, each creation, each thought, each action and every word to exist now and forthcoming.

Today have appreciation to knowing each soul matters, we matter unto self, and all creations matter.
Today have appreciation for the impression left upon each soul and on the planet, for we are the creators.
Today have appreciation for the energy we are and the energy of creation knowing it is all our doing, our life here and now.
Soul Signature

What is your soul
What do you identify with
What is it you feel
What is your mark
An imprint known to others
From the light given and shared

Listening to the voice
Feeling the vibration
Trusting the creation
Understanding the process

An expectation unique to self
Rising from the core to take notice
A shift in awareness allowing tour soul to speak

Knowing this new expression is the true you
Exploration of this new space is bringing new sensations of light
I am expanding consciousness
I am evolving to my higher self

The process to shape and transform my desires
I am this Soul
I am connected to this Soul
I am more than my mind perceives

I identify with the energy of creation
I identify with the collective
My experience
My expression is unique to self yet shared with all
My signature is my light my vibration
We are beacons for each other
We attract and gather with unified energy
Our Signature is one of love
Our Soul responds to love
Simply Love