The Shift

Hillis_Pugh_the_shiftOnce we become centered and aware of self, we notice a shift within self. The shift is a subtle one, and will most likely go unnoticed. The changes occurring are ones we desire, the ones asked for.  The shift happens in phases over a period of time, until what we desire is complete, until we awaken.



The Shift

Moving from plane to the next
Discovering what place surrounds me
Discovering what place is in me
Bringing full awareness of what is

What is
What is not
Focus the eye on desire
All is shown in a vision of appreciation

Releasing what is drawn in
Knowing something better is coming
Beckoning to your call
It must come
It must exist

Understanding peace of the eye of a storm
A storm created by two opposing thoughts ideas and beliefs
Being torn down and nurtured simultaneously

Holding the comfortably known
Shuttering at visions of grandeur
This is a desire felt
No knowledge in how to fulfill it
What’s next
How to proceed
Lost all traction

Choosing the which and the way
Which fulfills me
Way is divine to lead me
Coming to stillness
Deliverance of what once was ideal

Living in uncertainty
Living in fear
What is coming forth
What is here now

Being here
Living here
Embracing now
Trusting in what I asked is my path
This is my way to being connected
This is my outlet
Being plugged in
Being aware
The Being of all creation

I see it
I feel it
I think it
I touch it
I am it
I have arrived