The Sage

Hillis_Pugh_sageThere comes a time when we cross our own rite of passage, entering a realm of understanding. This new understanding grants us peace and a freedom from which no longer serves us. We start on a journey, having an intended direction, yet we become curious and travel many different paths, gaining knowledge, and yet what we learned is applied to the intention we have set.  What we choose and how we choose to get there is a peace settling in the Soul. We are what we desire to know.



The Sage

Lacking sense of clarity
Feeling of unease
Feeling out place
Feeling uncomfortable

Choosing the path closest to heart
Having a journey of multiple paths with one ending
A journey of remembering self
Making choices revealing unspoken truth

Taking the appearance of unknowing the unassuming
A chameleon who blends in pretends to be invisible
Unnoticed by awakened eyes

Awakened by light
Seeing beyond the physical
Piercing the veil with my vision
Seeing what’s inside
A reflection cast

Knowing no more than thee
In the center are we
Living in the now we see
Showing infinity