Return to Happy

Hillis_Pugh_return_to_happyHappiness is a state of being. Where does our happiness lie? We mistake our happiness for the material, external, and conditional. Yes, there are things we desire to make our life more comfortable and easier, but can we live without them. If we can, then our life is happy. We place conditions on self, which restrict us from fully engaging in the life we choose to create. Now is what we creating, the moment we choose to release the conditions all else will flow. Return to the inner-joy, your happiness.

Return to Happy

A smile cracks the face without reason
I remember the feelings
The joy of being awakening from a lifetime of slumber

Coming into balance
The center of gravity where darkest dark lives
Yet so bright brighter than anything seen
Dense energy draws me near

A place of once thought comfort
An illusion for all to see
For me to see the truth
This is my wisdom
Cultivating change already in existence

Interstellar light travels to me
Through me
Casted upon life purpose
What I do
Who I truly am
How I live
Claiming I am
Knowing this life makes me happy
My return to happy