Phases – Excerpt from Awaken With Gratitude


Hillis_Pugh_phasesBe thankful this day for the life and experiences we have.

Life is considered a journey to some, but I consider it a transition. I say this because we are neither the same today as yesterday nor the same as ten years or even a minute ago. Our bodies, minds, souls, and energy levels are in constant flux, becoming in-tuned with the world around us and the spirit within us.

The life phases find balance within us, but yet we ignore the whispers, because the mind “knows” better and over takes the whispers of the spirit.  As children we are more open and receptive to the spirit because we are young, innocent and pure at heart.  As we grow into adulthood the transition of life is shifting again to find the balance, yet this is when ignorance sets in, because we, the mind “knows” better or what’s better for us. This is a time in most when the spirit is quiet, and the mind and emotions take over creating confusion.

With the experience of this phase, we grow into creatures of habit and limiting our growth. For some the growth of the spirit and soul is limited, while for others it the opposite. We have to consider our surroundings that contribute growing into the next phase or lack thereof. By this I mean the people we are around the situations we are in, and the places we live. All we do conscious and unconsciously effect who we are to become in the next phase of this life or the next life.

Each phase of life has a purpose and meaning for that period, whatever the lesson is, learn from it and grow. It can be patience, perseverance, love, kindness, selflessness, independence, inner strength, guidance and many others traits needed to bring life in balance. We just have to be aware of the lessons of each phase of life for continual growth.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the lessons of life to grow into a being of purpose, love and magnificence.



The inception conception of our birth

Start on all four adore the ones who gave us life

Multiple phases limited stages of life accompanied with enchanting behavior brings changes resulting in the never the same

Invocation creation of time tense from curiosity of man’s virtuosity equal to the destruction of an abomination

Emotionally denied of the true self an identity kept sacred till the need of unveiling to whom of what

Something we all go through choose an identity for each face laced with uncertainty lacking honesty for one self

A phase times leaves you in a daze later to awake from the haze left your emotions caged from the phases of life find the parallel and cross over to life


Excerpt from Thank You Thursday Vol. 1