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Today have an appreciation for Peace.

Dear ones, I want to talk to you about the word Peace, the feeling of Peace. This is a feeling we all desire as One. The feeling we all desire is an internal peace and knowing we are One with all there is. When the discussion of peace arises, usually it is referring to external peace. As humanity, we attack peace with war. How can we achieve peace when we always apply war or a form of war to it, i.e. “war on peace”? To achieve the external peace we desire, we first must have peace with self. How do we have peace with self?

Yes dear ones, there are obvious ways to begin the journey with peace for self; meditation is a starting point. When we start to have peace with self, we begin to build a bridge, a connection to our Higher-Self. Peace is more than quieting the mind, it’s about accepting self where and when we are. When we cut out all the mind chatter and allow the thoughts to flow, they flow into a streaming consciousness. Once there in the flow, we begin to be more observant of oneself, our thoughts, feelings, and begin to sense self differently. We are connected to our Higher-Self and observing our self through higher eyes. We are always being a witness unto self, it is our level of awareness making the difference in how we see self and others.

When we are in a state of peace, can you recognize how focused, how centered you are? It is because we are allowing the connection established to guide us in our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Do you notice how your peace affects another? Just your awareness and presence is enough to create a lasting impression on another, then they desire the same. It’s a domino effect. Once one has and witnesses its effects, another desires the same thing. How many times have we witnessed other people we know staying calm under pressure? It is their peace. They are emanating a vibrational frequency of love. When this energy is given off, consciously or unconsciously, it has the ability to override the conflicting energy around them. They know whatever situation that is occurring is outside of them, outside of their control, and if they were to add to the fire, it will just intensify. They choose to stay in a place of peace to aide in the extinguishing of the fire. Someone who remains calm is more effective than someone in a constant state of fire.

Yes, it is ok to have a little fire, as it is needed to have balance. Internal peace is all about balance. One could go mad if there is too much of one thing. We have seen what can happen when the scales are out of balance. When they are, we have to do twice as much work to put them back in balance. Having balance is key for living life, period. We have been thrown out of balance time and again dear ones, and you felt it. We chose to experience extremes and what ifs. Now as a whole, we understand what being out of balance can do on a universal scale and the effect it has on each soul.

Recently I have witnessed a transition into peace. In the past two months of my life, both my aunt and mom transitioned. Being in a state of high emotions, I was only able to see the physical suffering on this plane. I will share with you, what I felt as I came to a place of comprehension. What I witnessed with my aunt was a place of great suffering for years physically, yet her will and love for her family allowed her to stay present in her body until her work was done. My aunt wanted so much for her family to be taken care of. Her will allowed for the energy to move through her, until she was ready to transition. No matter when and how long she was in the hospital, all you could feel was love and peace, and yet she was aware of there were no other options. While my mom struggled for years looking to fulfill a part of life that felt so empty. The only way to fill it was to feel wanted, loved, and doing for others that they couldn’t do for themselves. Her spirit was large, and she shared herself and passions with many. Her heart was as big as they come, yet still felt empty and questioned her faith. My mom never gave up on the hope that one day after all her work, kindness, and even self-sabotage that one day she would have peace. Both my mom and aunt dear sisters lived in a place of fleeting moments of peace like we all do, but our awareness of it is what makes the difference. They both had a sufferance for years in different ways physically and emotionally. What matters in how we become aware of the suffering, how we manage it to bring it into balance with peace. Then ultimately, we are only left with peace.

Our self-inflicted suffering is a lesson, it’s a choice we made long ago to awaken to peace. Our peace brings us to new levels of awareness in our life. Without suffering, we wouldn’t know peace. Peace is so many things to so many people. Peace is a range of definitions, the word is almost a blanket we wear to cover or disguise what we feeling. From the monks to societal people to hermits to nomads to children, peace is different for us all. For some peace is just that, peace, quiet. For others, it is a state of being, a way of life. For everyone else peace is moments of feeling carefree. When you pause to fully understand peace, as I still am, it is a place beyond what we know or shown. Peace is uniquely a space to deliver a state and levels of awareness. And even then we desire more peace, and this says to the Universe we are ready for the next level of peace.


Today have an appreciation for the space we create to allow peace to enter.

Today have an appreciation for the suffering endured to bring peace to balance our life

Today have an appreciation for the unique journey we choose to have allowing for new levels of peace.


Peace & Happiness

One of true desires of freedom of struggle of hardships

Being lost

Feeling confused

Putting trust in all external sources


Carrying the weight of years past self

Feeling responsible for self-burdens

Searching for a way out

Searching for the light


Approaching a connection

Feeling there is something more

Experiencing fleeting moments of joy

Wanting more

Having faith there is more


Knowing love

Experiencing love

Sharing love

Understanding love


Shouting to the Heavens

Asking for acknowledgement

Wanting to matter

Wanting to be

Giving away assets thought not to be of value

Wanting to be nurtured


Having a soul

Existing in two places

Now here

Now gone

Obtaining the one thing eluding an entity


Understanding the one thing that was always there