Open Meditation


Open Meditation


Sit in stillness read and repeat until you feel a shift in Self.


Today I am Open

I am Open to receiving my creations.

I am Open to receiving the best.

I am Open to expressing my self as I am

I am open to nurturing my creations

I am Open to letting go of old thoughts, ideas, and behaviors.

I am Open to receive new thoughts, ideas, and behaviors in alignment of my highest good

I am Open to planting new seeds of desires

I am Open to nurturing my seeds

I am Open to take loving action

I am Open to speaking my truth

I am Open, I am surrendering to life as I Create it with all Intention.

I am Open to manifesting miracles at the speed of light


Create Intention through words (spoken or written), then visualize creations in your third eye with love.

See and speak clearly what you desire, what you deserve, with loving assertiveness.


Spend as much time as you feel is needed to create with your Source.


It is so… As you Create it into existence.