Loving Frustration

Hillis_Pugh_loving_fustrationToday have appreciation for Loving Frustration.

Yes loving frustration. We all know what frustration is, when we are fed up with a situation, yet remain very hopeful. The hopeful aspect is what makes it loving. Last week I read an entry from one of my favorite Spirits, Kryon. The following paragraph is an excerpt from their latest entry titled, Soul Communication, Part 1. This sparked this entry for me on a very personal level and recommend reading this.

“”Well Kryon, maybe there isn’t, but I’ve had a few times where I was yelling at God. What about that? Isn’t that the wrong way?” Dear one, we heard you, but we did not hear the yell. The yell was linear. This is hard to explain. What we heard was loving frustration. Loving frustration. We didn’t see the anger. You weren’t angry; you were frustrated, and that’s the time where we want to surround you the most. The more you yell at God, the more angels are around you wanting to hold your hand! The next time you decide to yell at God, would you also open your heart and let us hold you in our arms for a while. Is that OK? In the moments of greatest frustration, where you have no answers at all and you can’t figure it out, can you just be held? Is that alright? We’re here for that. Old soul, you’ve got to get used to this communication. It is so available!”

When we feel anger, frustrated, or hopeless, we direct these emotions to the nearest outlet; whether it be a friend, counselor, confidante, or pen and paper. In the frustration, we search for attention, release, and love, in that order. And those are the same reasons we are frustrated. Example, we work so hard on a project and envisioning a certain outcome and yet when the project is complete the desired outcome is not fulfilled. Then disappointment and frustration sets in, why? We allow ourself to get caught up in the vision of what we want, and forget to enjoy the process of what is going on, instead of leaving the outcome up to the Universe. Example 2, in relationships, friends, family, and spouse, we sometimes get hurt and frustrated from the lack of support, involvement, or love expressed in any area, why? We get so wrapped up what we want from them and how we want to involve them in our life, we forget this is a partnership, an exchange of energy. We get so excited in wanting to share our experiences, we forget about the other person involved. Some may call it controlling, I call it over exuberance.

As humans, we have an innate desire to share all our experiences (because we are all connected) and when others don’t seem to care or acknowledge your expression, we feel hurt, disappointment and frustrated. How can we include others and not feel separated when frustration sets in? We can yell to our self, yell out loud, or yell on paper, and this will get to you a place of receiving the attention desired and in some instants release as well. All that is left is love. Through whatever emotion you are feeling, you are loved.

Love is ultimately what we want to express and fulfill. Our frustration arrives, when it’s not expressed or reciprocated. This is when we have to become more aware of the source of the frustration, is it self or external? How do we know where the source is? We have to feel into the source, by sitting with self and asking, “Why am I feeling this way?” The answered is revealed to self when you are ready to receive it. Meaning, if you are completely open and honest with the situation or people involved resulting in the uncomfortable sensation, the answer will come and usually with steps to feel better. It can be confusing and complex, when we know love is our highest source and intention. And to fully understand the unconditional presence of love is one of pure joy, when we allow self all feeling be expressed. While in this space, we are hopeful, the glimmer of hope is what allows the love flow in and open you up to heal, to be free of the frustration. The love you feel during these moments of frustration is your Angels and Guides holding you, reassuring all is fine, all is perfect. This is something you have to know and feel for yourself to comprehend the absolute, eternal love you were created from and given always.

Yes we know we are loved, our parents told and showed us in many ways, the best they knew how. Yet, sometimes we as children didn’t feel their parents love was sufficient, always looking outside for the love we desire. We looked outside of self for the feeling already contained in us. When we don’t accept someone as they are, knowing or not knowing they are offering their best, it is us putting our expectation on them. Once we realize we are putting our expectations on another we allow love to flow in where it is desired, instead of feeling frustration of feeling what we think we know or want for that person. We will come to a place to allow what truly is, love.

Love is the ultimate communicator of our soul. No matter how we are feeling, no matter what is going on, regardless of circumstances, situations, or people, love does prevail. Love is the most pure of all energies, and as a species, we truly love one another. We only fall out of alignment with people, jobs, situations, etc., but love is always present. Regardless of how we may feel or what’s expressed external, our soul knows love.
Today have appreciation for the emotions we feel opening us to more of what we want.
Today have appreciation to know what to express the fulfillment of your desires.
Today have appreciation to know no matter what and how you feel, you are loved, unconditionally.
Fizzle Down

Heighten emotions taken over
Feeling lost displaced confused
Haven’t a clue as to what to do
Shutting down

Angry sad just plan mad
Once hopeless
Coming to see other views
Listening to what’s said
Managing this place of disappointment
Stemming from places with no control

Awaken to possibilities
Knowing I am my Source
Understanding I am not at fault
This is a vision ever morphing
Knowing I am always at my best with what I have

Asking to release the old and welcome the new
Feeling the supportive presence surrounding me
A feeling long desired
I know is eternal

Living in the shared space
Connections expand and run deeply
Allowing more of what I desire
Stepping to the side
Allowing love inside