Life Rituals

Hillis_Pugh_Life_ RitualsToday have appreciation for the Life Rituals.

Usually, when we think of rituals, we think of a rite of passage. A rite of passage is a form of ritual, but more formal, where we recognize one’s reaching a milestone in their life. This transition is marked in forms of graduations, milestone birthdays, marriages, death, and social or religious ceremonies. As a society, we have placed much emphasizes on these milestones, yet we have forgotten about what we do daily. Each day is a form of a milestone itself. I say this because, those who are not as physically healthy see it as a challenge to preform small tasks, while those who are in great physical health seem to take it for granted. We each have different levels of appreciation for what is experienced daily. There are some days where the appreciation is greater because of an experience. Now how can we take moments in our everyday to have a milestone feeling, to have a ritual allowing us to be present in appreciation?

Personally I have a few rituals in the day. Some of my rituals are, having a bowl of cereal, taking a warm shower while meditating, and a cup of warm tea. What a ritual does for me is, it allows me to present with myself. While being present with myself, it allows me to know I’m taking care of myself. A ritual is a moment to know you are taking care of yourself. As an American society, do we really pause to have these moments of self-appreciation? Through my personal observation, I would say we live in a hodgepodge culture. We bring in other ideas and practices from other cultures to see what works for the individual. We may go read, study, and even participate in another’s cultural experience to understand why this ritual works for them. We may then incorporate what we learned into our life, from all what we learned. We may end up being a Jack of all rituals, but what have we mastered?

When we look at rituals and what other cultures are doing, they are all doing the same thing, but in different ways. A ritual is to celebrate, a ritual is to have inner-peace. A ritual is to celebrate inner-peace. How do we get to our personal inner-peace and then celebrate it?  For everyone inner-peace is different. When we are still, it is the inner-peace allowing us to stay centered, calm, no matter what is going on around us. Inner-peace is love, having joy for who you are and what is fulfilling you. This can come in many splendid forms, being still while active. What this means is, having a heighten awareness while preforming a task. It can be a caretaker, a teacher, writer, a philanthropist, or any amateur or professional career. There is no difference in what you do as long there is love and love offers inner-peace. Each moment of the day is presenting you with the inner-peace you have asked for. Are you aware of the peace greeting you?

The peace to greet you has been pre-sent to welcome you into a place of inner-knowing. Knowing who you are and to allow change if you deem it be. Knowing who you are is courage enough to change what you don’t like or see. All contrast is, is showing you what you don’t want, shining the light on what you do want. This change can be anything from the physical to non-physical. Keep in mind all things are energy and it transforms to your personal will, it transforms to the choices you make. The peace arising from your thoughts are the ones planted eons ago, in the universal DNA, preparing for the ascension or transformation. Each level is giving you a seat at the table to witness the self arising to Self.

This is why we have rituals. We have them to witness self to evolve in moments of stillness. This is why small moments of the day are important to track progress of Self. There are questions like “Am I where I’m supposed to be?” or “How do I get to where I truly desire?” Each question is a marker on the path to the transformation. Be aware of your thoughts, be aware of what you are a fulfilling, be aware of who you are. The awareness settling in grants you higher levels of peace and guides you to complete fulfillment.

Fulfillment is joy, no matter how, when, or what comes. It can be a moment when you are watching your favorite TV show, on a rooftop, in the shower, or even in your sleep. Those are the moments when you are aware of self and make it into a ritual. You do it because it brings you joy. You take time to celebrate yourself where you are. This is saying to the universe “I appreciate me where I am.” By doing this you allow more of the same feeling good, life ritual, fulfilling moments; you stop to honor yourself. This is how you become aware, evolve and appreciate yourself.


Today and each day have appreciation for where you are in your life.

Today and each day have appreciation for the small moments making you smile, inside and out.

Today and each day have appreciation for the question arising to be more aware of where you are now.


Prism Star

A vision of stars shining pulsating with every glimmer

Outstretched infinitely

Reaching me

Sending messages


With approach

Notice light passing through becoming more infinite colors

One color bleeding into the next





A fractal piece of a larger whole

I am you

You are me

We are one

We are light

We are Source

Being all there is


No greater experience


In the process of knowing feeling being



I am the conductor of a grand orchestra

Playing out a symphony I wrote

A symphonious magistery


Infinitely bound

Honoring each muse

Giving what’s given

Understanding the vibrational match of what’s called forth


Infinitely existed

Manifested in many ways many forms

Interpreted by sound

Interpreted by words

Appreciation shown and expressed greatly


Creating shapes

Lines bend

I notice you

I see you

This is who I am


Energy no longer contained

Expressed gracefully


All in harmony

All in unison


More than physical projection

Being a signature

Being a light

Being a star



Reaching for the Heavens

Letting go

Being here now

Being there always


Allowing an effervescent presence to sweep in

Now guided by joy bringers

All has light to bring what is attracted

What is our focus

Where is our light cast


A star among stars

Light with Light

We are here

We are loved

We are all that IS

May you remember all that you are

Eyes closed

Soul open