Life Outlook

Hillis_Pugh_life_outlookToday have appreciation for your Life Outlook.

As we approach a new year and soon to follow a new season, time to reflect and create desired newness with thought and energy. We take much time to reflect when something comes to an end. Why is this? The reflection offers us peace, satisfaction, and maybe regrets. Are we satisfied, at peace, or regret what we have created in a period of time? During this period, what we feel can be overwhelming. How can we overcome this feeling of being overwhelmed? One of the ways is to allow the energy coming in to take us where it is needed to go, then to be released. As this energy is released, we begin to feel lighter, and more at peace. The question is how can we feel like this all the time?

In every moment of the day, there is an opportunity for peace. This moment can come anytime or as we view the most inopportune time. As a society, we get caught up in the rushing around, getting upset when one thing throws us off our plan. At the same time we get thrown off, get upset, and frustrated, this is the space where we breathe and know everything will turn out fine. Know there are two plans, our mental plan and the Universal plan we chose during the incarnation process. No matter the plan of choosing, we will always come back into alignment with the plan for our highest good, harmonizing with the Universe and all that Is.

It is how we look at the choices made giving us peace and the space to evolve to. Our outlook is limited by our emotions. How we feel determines what comes into our existence. If we feel good about what we see, more of it will come. If we feel bad, more of it will come. No matter what we see, or focus on, more of it will come. It’s important to focus and then release our attention on the true desire. At times our outlook can be swayed by the perception of family and friends. The perception of others can either color our vision or open it to seeing it as it truly is. Times we can color own perception and not allow for others opinions. When we close our self off from the other views, we lose the total vision of self and humanity. When we just look at self, and self is the most important, some of us see what is “broken”, others see what needs to be “fixed”, and a few see it as it Is. Once we reach the place of seeing it as it Is, we welcome more love and true acceptance in the world. Then we can share our moment of awakening with others. It does not matter the choice, it only matters how we view it.

Today have appreciation for the period of reflection to guide us.

Today have appreciation for each opportunity arising to bring us what is asked for.

Today have appreciation for the perception we see and others see bringing us total vision.



Sitting in silence

Sitting in stillness

Listening to what’s outside

Being absent through sound


Slowly shutting off outside noise

All that is outside of me

Focusing all attention inward

Traveling deep to place I call home

My place

My sanctuary


Out of the physical body

Crossing the veil

Entering light space


Immersed in light

Immersed in love

Immersed in life


Contemplating thoughts

What am I to do

Why am I to fulfill this

Who am I

Why is there change

What am I to release

Who am I now


A singular liner thought

rotating in a vast circle

Already know what is desired to be known

Received what was separated

Solved the one unsolvable


Awaking to new comprehension

Walking into new dimensional realm

Purged the undesired

Free to express thoughts

Newness of awakened knowledge fills up this soul


Returning to the physical place

A world filled with movement and sound

Emerging with new appreciation of visible creation

No longer deprived

Free of old concepts and thinking

Thinking with light

Feeling with love

Knowing all life

I now see all as Is