Hillis_Pugh_isnessThe moment when we become aware there is more than we perceive, we then become one with what is. The isness we feel is the the true Oneness, the connectedness to all life, physical and nonphysical.



The simplicity of just being
Uniting with higher self to become one with one that is
Purely accept self without worldly excess

The river flows
Birds fly
Flowers bloom
Wind blows
Simply because they are fulfilling their function
Their purpose

The stars twinkle
The sun shines
The moon glows
All exist together with one function
With simplified beauty

We are one in the flow of timeless life
We simply are
We are more of the less we create

Being in and aware of the moment in the isness of life manifested to the true essence of the first incarnation

Simply I am
Simply knowing
Simply being
Simply living simply is as it should be