Futile Fool

Hillis_Pugh_Futile_FoolWaking up after a long slumber, realizing all I do is for a reason, it has a purpose. I do matter, my actions matter. This soul is connected to Source. As I walked through physical life, my soul was put to sleep by inundations of  not thinking for self and trust what I know. Now I have awakened and know the truth.

Futile Fool

A haze of delusion in the maze of life created from infinite patterns to one path


The fragmented jester walks aimlessly

Providing entertainment while searching for self in a place unknown


Shrouded in a cloud of judgment

What is the meaning

The truth of it all

Leaving what was

Learning what is


A place unknown now is home

Standing in the court of acceptedness

As the mist lifts exposing the absolute thoughts


Discovering of self is time well spent for the purpose only known to the fool

Unenviable and unavoidable is the change given for the amusement of self