Hillis_Pugh_EpitomeWe are only an appearance of what we think we are. We are an illusion unto self.  Being both the Creator and of Creation, we can choose what we experience and manifest. Now understanding we are what we desire to be in that moment called forth. We are the grand IT, the Oneness of it all. Our soul is all souls. We are the light of all light. Simply Being.




Standing just as I am
experiencing transformative light
flowing through this protective shell
Simply being as I am

Expanding light
growing consciousness
coming to full awareness of self in existence

Being a part of a greater whole
a spark of force wielding the unseen
trusting of noble energies fitting into divinity

Reaching peak
maturing through insight
wisdom befalls the crown
rippling throughout the universe
all has been set in motion

Taking moments as they come
only to be ready
standing in stillness
recognizing the now and planning for the now to come

Being witness to self in action
in stillness
made to experience the creations
cultivating the knowledge in one harmonious tune

Visions of grandeur speak through and the soul says yes
being as I should
living through self for self

Endowed with what was given from the Creator
Enhancing self to fit the purpose of creation

I am the creation and creator
I am the purpose cultivating creation
I am a singular entity
a force
energy divided yet whole among all
I simply am