Enjoyment Of Stuff

Hillis_Pugh_Enjoyment_Of_StuffToday have an appreciation for the Enjoyment Of Stuff.


The past few months of my life have been emotional and reflective. With the passing of both my aunt and mom, I was left with the task of liquidity their assets. During this process, it really got me to thinking the importance of “Stuff”. How important is the stuff we collect in our lifetime. I do understand the essentials and necessity of items to live a life in this physical place, i.e. home, clothes, etc. Then there are items just for enjoyment. Whatever the category they fall in, all stuff is meant to be enjoyed. I realized one can have too much stuff.


My mom had a lot of stuff, but I knew she kept a lot of what she had for sentimental value. As I was going through her things, I found a plastic wire ring I made for when I was a kid in the same jewelry box she placed it in. When I saw that, I cried. I found so much stuff, birthday cards I made her, pictures, everything I ever gave her she kept. I was so moved to see how much she enjoyed, cherished what she kept. I knew and felt how much she loved and cared for me. I can now say there is nothing like a mother’s love.


We go through life feeling all types of love, but the one love that will never change is one of a mother. Even though she has passed on, I still feel her love. It’s warm pink fuzzy favorite blanket kind of love. The stuff of love will always be enjoyed.


Being in a physical place seeing all this stuff, which most of us don’t think about until we move or have to liquidate a loved one’s assets, got me thinking about my stuff. Stuff is more than just the physical, it’s the energy of all creation. Sometimes just classifying it as stuff makes it easier to deal with and try to ignore the attachment to it. I used to joke and call my mom a borderline hoarder. The stuff my mom had can be put into two categories, sentimental and stuff to make her feel better. Just by knowing where something was kept I could tell where it fit in. The stuff we buy to make us feel better is to help achieve the same high as something of sentimental value. Some of us keep buying stuff to fill this space of feeling good. But how can we feel good when we don’t know how to really feel anymore. When we keep buying stuff to fill a space, we are searching for a feeling. Do we really enjoy what we purchase when we do? Of course, because it is something new, tangible, obtained, we own this item. But where does it fit in, sentimental or to feel better? Whatever the feeling we enjoy it. When does the novelty wear off? When does the object of desire loses it glimmer? The only way it loses such a shine is when we diminish the energy of it. We suck the energy of items to make us feel better after we felt better, then on the hunt for more treasure. However when there is an item of sentimental value, it never loses it shine, because of the high value of energy placed on it. The item of sentiment vibrates love.
It’s all in the energy for the enjoyment of stuff. All we create, all we manifest, all we attract, is meant for enjoyment, no matter the period. When the shimmer is gone, then it’s time to release the item so it can bring joy to another. It will sparkle for another. Know our joy dear ones does not come from the item itself it comes from the meaning we give it. What do we hold most precious? What do we value most? What is sacred to our soul? Is it the stuff or the meaning of the stuff? Whatever your answer may be, it is for you to be in a place of self-love.


Love manifest itself in many ways, people, feelings, music, and stuff. What we feel is most important that what we have. Yet if the attachment of an object is of love then it holds the energy of value. It is sentimental. We come to a place to discern what is important to oneself. What is important to one, may not be to another. Love is the enjoyment of stuff. All we enjoy is because of the energy of love.


Today have an appreciation for the stuff we desire to enjoy.

Today have an appreciation knowing we always feel good about what we have.

Today have an appreciation for the feeling of love in all we have manifested.






Perceive to receive

How we perceive is our own experience

What are we looking at

What are we looking for


Perception persuaded by outside perspectives

What is your influence

What opens you to see more than projected

Seeing what’s there

Seeing beyond physical creation


A world

A universe made through imagination

Perceived through all senses

Passing through all illusions


I am what I see perceive

I am what is perceived

I am seen by the energy of this entity

I am the entity perceived

I am the perception created

I am the looking glass and the eyes to see

I am perception