Hillis_Pugh_poetry_EmergesionFrom silence comes a great appreciation of self.  In this silence, we learn more about self and our surroundings. We begin to emerge, our light brightens. Our soul is immersed in the light we have asked for. Life becomes clearer when the noise and illusions have ceased. It is this silence where our creations are born. With each thought, we create a seed of light to nurture slowly emerging, manifesting, and being molded to fit and be what is needed and when it is needed.  We are our own Creators.


Sitting in silence
Sitting in stillness
Listening to what’s outside
Being absent through sound
Slowly shutting off outside noise
All that is outside of me
Focusing all attention inward
Traveling deep to place I call home
My place
My sanctuary

Out of the physical body
Crossing the veil
Entering light space
Immersed in light
Immersed in love
Immersed in life

Contemplating thoughts
What am I to do
Why am I to fulfill this
Who am I
Why is there change
What am I to release
Who am I now

A singular liner thought
Rotating in a vast circle
Already know what is desired to be known
Received what was separated
Solved the one unsolvable

Awaking to new comprehension
Walking into new dimensional realm
Purged the undesired
Free to express thoughts
Newness of awakened knowledge fills up this soul

Returning to the physical place
A world filled with movement and sound
Emerging with new appreciation of visible creation
No longer deprived
Free of old concepts and thinking
Thinking with light
Feeling with love
Knowing all life
I now see all as Is