Divine Feminine Energy

Hillis Pugh_Divine Feminine EnergyToday have an appreciation for the Divine Feminine Energy.


What is Divine Feminine Energy? Let’s begin to break it down word by word to better understand it. The word Divine means Source, God, or God-like, containing the energy of Source. Feminine is woman or feminine characteristics. Energy is just that, energy flowing to and from a host, making us who we are and the space we live. The Divine Feminine Energy is Source energy carrying feminine characteristics to each entity on the planet. What does all this mean? All three are constant in our world. All three are a part of the evolution of humanity. There is no one being without out this characteristic/energy.


When we hear the word feminine, we usually associate it one who is “girly”, delicate, frilly, and the like. For decades there have been women changing the idea of what a woman is, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Hilary Clinton and so on. And as the old saying goes, “Behind every strong man, there is a strong woman.” Have we ever taken a look at these women? These women had something special, they were like we are all Divinely Guided to stand in their personal power. But the women we know who announced themselves to the world, stepped in their power with love and grace. The television is a good example of how these women stepped in their power. If you look at the news, talk shows, dramas, and comedies, they all have a woman who owns her power and accept who she is. Each life area is portrayed to some degree of what we want or like to be. It is now finally being recognized that a woman is equal to what a man can do, even though they have been doing it for years.


Some men may feel threatened or emasculated by rise of feminine energy. The men have not always been in charge. Over a millennia ago, the women were in charge. They were nurturers and providers, and yet knew when to execute a firm hand, just like today. A good example of this was in the Native American Tribes. The elders and those who sat on the council of the tribe were women, and even some had the duties of what we feel a man would do. Then eventual there was change in power, through convincing of “might is right”, causing conflict. This dears ones had to happen like all else in life we chose as a collective to see which one works best. In order to find out which one worked better for the evolution of humanity, there had to be contrast. We like to experiment on ourselves to see which will work best.


We experience contrast in our daily lives. This contrast aides in us making better choices, even if it means reliving a mistake, sometimes we have to be sure of what we really want. How do we not know what we want? Contrast is the only way to know what works best for us. Then we as an individual being part of the collective pass our learnings, experience, and new found knowledge to others. With this level of sharing, we have a chance to guide others from making the same choices we created for our self, with their permission.


Now we are aware of what did work for this world with masculine energy, and we chose to come back into balance with the feminine. Dear ones, earlier I mentioned that every being has the feminine energy within self, as well as masculine, it is only a matter in how you wish to express it.

For example, the households are changing, dads wish to stay home to care and nurture while the moms go out and earn a living. Many people question the purpose of homosexuality, it is to help create balance in the world, be examples of how men and women embrace their traits opposite to what society thinks it should be. 

Everyone has a choice to express their Light in a manner comfortable to them. You see it is all about what we allow. Our allowing of the Divine Feminine Energy creates a balance within self. This is what the rise of this energy is about, balance. It’s not about the rise of “girl power”. It’s having balance in Self and the Planet.


The balance we allow on can benefit and strengthen Self. Yes dears ones, I know and understand it is uncomfortable, but in due time we will come to accept the change, the balance we all have asked for. Our Divine Light is here to guide us and release the contrast we have created, for we now know what we want. Allow the light in Self to be seen and revel in joy expressed.


Today have appreciation for those who stand in their power and is comfortable in it.

Today have appreciation for the contract we created to know what we truly desire.

Today have appreciation for the balance we are now allowing and the Light expressed because of it.





The lady is me

The lady is he

The lady is she

The lady is in all existence


As born in each being

The balance to maintain the Soul

Energy manifested as seen fit

Utilized as a counter measure to view the other side


Stepping through with ease and grace

She is the one holding the scale

Creating balance of the Entity where all is equal

Balance from contrast where all is created

Not a lady

The balance of life