Creating a New Story Meditation

Hillis_Pugh_creating_a_new_storyThis is a practice I have created for you to recreated your life story. 

This meditation helps to change and recreate your memories. We all have a story to tell. The story we tell comes from memories past. Some memories feel good and we want to stay there, while other memories don’t feel good and affect our lives in many ways. How they affect us depends on how deep the memory penetrates our emotional experience.

With any story, there will always be two different versions. The one you remember and what actually happened. However, most people remember events and words in their personal translation.

Example: I always thought I was an intelligent person, but I was wrong. In the second and third grades, my report card said differently. It allowed me to think about what was going on in my life as to why my report card was not a reflection of who I thought to be.

This example helped me to fish my memories and fill in the gaps in my life. What was found was not so pleasant. After listening to a few Spiritual Teachers, about this subject I wanted to try it. It works well.


Sit with yourself, quietly and comfortably.

Ask yourself what is your most troubling memory.

Replay it over in your mind as you remember.

Sit with it for as long as is needed.

Feel the accompanying emotions.

What would you tell yourself to do differently?

Then visualize the outcome you desire.

Once the image is clear to you, replay the memory with the new outcome for as long as it needed.

Now you have changed the past.

You are now a time traveler.

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