Hillis_Pugh_CocoonThere are moments when we know we outgrown our current surroundings, circumstances, and beings.  When this realization settles in,  we become more introverted, taking shelter within self. This shelter we create protects us while we recreate self in a new image more suited for our life’s purpose. We then reemerge in new light.



Feeling heightened sensations
Being connected to the Source Self and the Source of all Solitude
Is the frequency all is heard

Wearing light energy
The protection desired in stillness
The beginning of redefining the absolute trueness of Isness
Self contained

Eyes shutter to conceal blinding light covering my being
Images flash in the vision
Creating a sense of comfort

Shedding all of no use
This soul slumbering is awakened state
Yet asleep to all existence

Deprived of all senses
Only acknowledge the rainbow
A place sacred to choose a path already chosen

Harnessing the light of Choice
Breaking through acceptance and shatter the once was

Emergent regeneration
Standing in stillness created me
Observant of new sensations of purifying and releasing light

Going fourth in the redefined understanding purpose
Conditioned in the ways of harmony and balance