Appreciation Meditation

Hillis_Pugh_Appreciation_MeditationAppreciation Meditation

This is a practice I do nightly, before I sleep. However, it can be done at anytime.

First I would like to mention the difference between the words gratitude and appreciation. They both have the same core definition, but carry a different energy.

The energy of gratitude carries lack. Example: I am grateful for my job. (Speak it aloud and feel the energy)

I know we were all at one point without work, and this is why we are grateful, because we were without.

The energy of appreciation carries love. Example: I appreciate my job. (Speak aloud and feel the energy. Feel the difference?)

We feel the appreciation of love for what we do by being a service to others. When we are of service to others, we always have. We feel the flow of love being carried in thought, voice and action, with appreciation.


Meditation: ( This can be written, spoken, or thought silently)

The following meditation is an example of flow. It can be customized as you co-create with the universe.


I am appreciating the love for self.

I am appreciating my purpose.

I am appreciating the life I chose.

I am appreciating the sunny day.

Today I appreciate the wealth in my life

Today I appreciate the success I have now

I am appreciating the changes I have created and embraced.


This is a way to count your blessings, instead of counting sheep.

This is also a way to manifest what you desire.

You can change your life through meditation.