Appearance and Expression

Hillis_Pugh_apperance_and_expressionToday have appreciation for Appearance and Expression.

I have been observing and times criticize what others desire to change their physical appearance, i.e. hair and eye color. As a child I was taught I was fine just the way I was, instilling self-esteem and value. I always associated the change of appearance with unhappiness or depression and the change is the seeking of a new fulfilment of happiness. This fulfillment changes as we learn more about self. Yet as we grow older and step into more of who we really are. We desire the outside to match what is going on inside. What do we have to do for our inside to be projected to the world? Are we comfortable enough and courageous enough to allow our true self shine through? Are we evolved enough?

Through my observation, I notice the younger generation expressing themselves so they can be seen and heard. I applaud them for stepping out into the light to allow the truth of who they are to come forward. They express themselves with ease. But the appearance given and expressed is much more than the representation of our core being. When we allow our core self to shine through, this is our true self stepping into the spotlight. Our true self is being expressed. Yet still on a journey to know self.

Knowing, meeting, and witnessing transgender people recently, they are no different from us. They undergo so much physically to be whom they know they are born to be. It is so much than we think on the surface, it is getting in tune with you Soul and knowing what your Soul wants to be expressed as. Our Soul knows who we are and expresses beautifully conveying it through the body. Our body is a vessel of transformation.

We live in transformation daily, whether we shave, cut or color our hair, shave, wear makeup, and get dressed. It’s all a part of Self expressing Itself. As humans we constantly seek ways to change our appearance to fit our expression or moods. We desire to feel good. At times we undergo a dramatic change to express ourselves. These changes can be tattoos, plastic surgery, cosmetic or necessary. It matters not who are, it matters of our expression of the soul. The desire of the Soul is to feel good. The reflection of our soul changes with the energy we feel, take on or give off. The question is what is being expressed?

Through all the changes of self evolution, our highest self, our Spirit is what is being ultimately expressed. Our Spirit guides us to situations, energy, material items, and people for us to get in touch with our Higher Self, desiring self-expression through appearance, words, and more. Through this process of experimentation, we grow into evolving. We grow to become more self-aware of what makes us comfortable, what do we really allow to be presented when we walk out into the world daily. Are we representing the best version of our self now, in that moment?

As a culture we are typically hard on Self when we fall short of preconceived expectations we have set forth. When we question our self with a statement, “I could have done better.” Could we have done better or did we do our best in that moment? We have set an expectation of self and when we don’t live up to that, we become disappointed in self. The critical level of judgment hinders and limits our self-expression. How? Through our constant internal battle with self, saying “I am better than this.” Yes you are better than you project to others, but why does it matter what you project as long as it is best in that moment reflecting your true self and what you are in alignment with.

Dear ones, our appearance and expression has nothing to do with the outside world, what others view us as or what show we put on. What only matters is how we feel and think of self. Are we fully capable of being who we are right now? What is holding you back from the full expression of your Soul? We do things, wear items, and go places to elevate our mood, to feel good, and that is what important, feeling good is. No matter how we look, even if it’s a million dollar look, if we don’t feel good, then why bother. Our purpose is to feel good, feel loved, and feel supported, and Dear Ones, we already have that. We only have to remember such love and warmth. How we look l is only a percentage to how we feel. It’s up to you feel your best in any moment and if your best now wasn’t your best then, so what. All that matters is your personal joy. That Dear Ones is all that truly matters, your personal Joy.


Today have appreciation for noticing yourself are you are now, in every moment.

Today have appreciation for understanding what it take to make you feel good.

Today have appreciation to accept and express yourself now, as you are with a thought to no one.

The Reveal

Being in two places at once






Knowing sense of self

Wanting to know more of this shell I have created

The expression in highest form

I am now present connected with now


Living in the moment

Being my best here

Releasing self-imposed expectations

I am as I am supposed to be


Showcasing myself as Self for all to see

No shame



Feeling good

Feeling alive


Peeled off layers of illusion

Revealing the light of soul



Flowing into a new consciousness

I am me

What I chose to be