Hillis_Pugh_AfterlifeToday have appreciation for the Afterlife.

Dear ones, when we think of the afterlife we usually think of heaven, eternal peace or hell, eternal damnation. These thoughts stem from our religious beliefs and how we live our life on Earth. The afterlife is a reward or punishment, depending on how we lived our life here on Earth. Our present life actions result in an afterlife consequence. This is as far from the truth as you can be. Now is the time to remember what our actions or choices are, good or bad, we are responsible for what we create. We are the creators of our life. Our thoughts and energy create the life we live. We create our own heaven and hell, here on Earth. We can choose to struggle or live at ease by living a path of least resistance. How we live is a representation of the heaven or hell, in contrast. We create the contrast of the two imaginary worlds with our experiences and put them in a bucket to discern between what was right and wrong. Dear ones, there is no right or wrong, only the choices you make and how you feel about them to allow bliss or sadness. Those choices can make you feel good or bad, resulting in what you feel is right or wrong, but know there are only the choices made and the labels we put on them. The labels make it easier for us to digest what happened. The consequence is created from the actions and choices are karmic.

Life with contrast is made or viewed as black and white. Yet most of us live in the gray area. We live in this area figuring out life as we go, where to fit in. If there is not a label to define it, then we create it to make self and others more comfortable. To feel good about this choice is the goal. To feel good period is what we strive for. To feel good about who we are and what we came to do, is a part of the journey we have chosen. The choices, contrast, and said “consequences” are all apart of awakening the soul.

The soul’s awakening is a path chosen to evolve into Oneness. Each path is different and unique just like the soul. At the end of one path/human life, there is the afterlife. This is when we go home and reconnect with other loved ones and Divine Parent. This connection is unending. When the thought of dying enters the mind, we think of the life ending. When in fact we literally pass on. We pass on from one life to the next life. Just as we have lived on earth, all is tangible and felt with many sensations. Our home, Our Source is our respite and review of in-between physical lives. The place in which we are from, Spirit World is only of love. This love is what we desire to experience on many levels. With so much love gathered in one place, we cannot help but to know Oneself and share the infinite desires with each other. Each soul’s first order is love. Love is the guide and key to awaken Self and others.

There are many levels of love, self-love, love for others, family love, spousal love, conditional love, unconditional love, and many more. Each form of love stems from the Source, Unconditional Love, all other forms are birthed from this. We as humans from the time we are born devolve from the space of unconditional love, to a place of reserved loved. This place of love is our mental highest point, holding a special place in our heart for someone or thing to give love to. As we evolve from place of reserved loved, we come to a better understanding everyone and thing is deserving of the unconditional loved. We come to understand there is more love to give. Yet we have to experience this process to know this truth. As is the life and desires we create, contrast is focal area. Contrast is not the good nor bad, it simply Is and necessary for us to put our attention on what is we truly desire and want to experience.

The stories of Heaven and Hell exist in our life dynamic to show us a contrasting experience when we make an area of our life a focal point. Each life area has an opposite and it is our choice in which to focus on. Of course, we all desire peace, love, joy, and happiness. Yet at times, we get stuck in the opposite of what desire. How do we refocus our attention to our true desire? Look at what is happening and what is around. Is this a pattern you are experiencing? If you feel there is no hope to move beyond what you think you see, the illusion you have created, then look for the light in what you have created. Take time to appreciate what you have created with your energy, even if’s it not what you want. Look at what is going on, what is around you and acknowledge you have created such things and experiences. Reflect upon the light knowing you have created what you desired. Now know it’s waiting for you to call it into your life. Each experience is what we create it to be now and eternally.

The afterlife is not the place of the myths we tell. Is it the place for us to reconnect and become One with all that is in another form, pure life energy. Here now in the human existence, we are One with all life, just in another form. Where do you think we go when we dream? We go where our Soul takes us. We set the intention on an unconscious level to align with best self and highest good, in order to get there, we have to accept Self where we are presently in our life. For example, I will share a personal account. My aunt who has been ill for a long time. She has undergone various surgeries. I have witnessed the improvements, setbacks, and miracles in her life. When doctors explained to her the deterioration of her health and body multiple times and even said “There is nothing more we can do for you.” My aunt’s will and acceptance helped her to prove the doctors wrong time and time again. When we have to power, will, and love to change our life once we accept where we are.

Where are mentally and energetically has everything to do with how to change our life perception. The life now and afterlife is all a part of the greater evolution, the transition to be One. Yes, we are individual souls having individual experiences, but it is the total experience adding to the collective consciousness to understand life now and later. The afterlife dear ones, is no more than us interacting on another dimension of existence. There is only love and peace where we go next and we can allow of the same now. We can achieve everlasting peace with understanding of the life we create now. The life now is the life we will create beyond what we think we know.

Today have appreciation for understanding contrast is a part of our human experience.

Today have appreciation to know we are the creators of our total experience, human and spirit.

Today have appreciation knowing no matter what form we are in, we are One with what Is.
Celestial Consciousness

Being of light

A Being of light

Light of light

One in the same

Being of light


An ethereal connection

A connection of light energy

Streaming throughout galaxies

An oneness of knowing coming through dimensional existence


Elevation of current self to me Self

I am as I desire to know

An existence where I am a witness unto self

Streaming to all life simultaneously




Born of light

Rooted in all that Is

Transcend mortal notions


I am as seen

I am the experienced longed

I am the slumbered

I am the awakened

I am the remembering of totality


Aware of self

Aware of you

Aware of all created

I am as all Is