Abundance Meditation

Hillis_Pugh_adundance_meditationWe all desire abundance. But what is abundance exactly? Abundance is more than the monetary, it is also the physical, and spiritual.  Abundance is the flow of  energy we are or are not allowing into our life. Abundance is oneness, feeling connected to all that is, with the ability to manifest the non-physical, physically. Yes some of us get stuck in a place and try to think our way out. Yet if we just allow Our Soul, Our Source to guide us and trust in self, then release any doubt, we can open up the flow our our life.


Abundance Meditation:


Once you are in a comfortable place, start with an opening prayer of intention, then focus on what you desire.

Ask your Higher Self, “What is it that I have to release to be fulfilled?”

Where can I flow my energy to?

What guidance do I follow to fulfill the ache, the void in my heart?

What knowledge do I seek to be at peace, and in harmony with the energy flowing to me?


Here you can also focus on a color, Gold, Pink, Green or White.

Sit quietly with yourself until you are ready to move to the next step or if you have received your answers.


Abundance Affirmations:

I am the Source of my abundance.

I am an unlimited Being.

I am loving and trusting my imagination. 

I am living in an abundant universe.

I am radiating with self-love, inner-peace, and well-being.

I am creating fulfilling thoughts, and energy.

I am allowing my energy to flow more open.

I am increasingly magnetic to success, money, prosperity, and abundance.


Remember, like any other meditation, this is to open to receive the help you have asked for.

Know the Universe, Spirit, Angels, Guides, etc. already know what your desire.  Ask for the knowledge to receive that knowledge.