word_play_hillis_pughAs I ponder the words we use daily, the slang and non, and how they vary in definition in each generation, makes me love them more. The words grow, expand in definition, allowing for more information, more feeling to be expressed through them. The words are a tool to convey, express, exemplify emotions, thoughts, and experiences.  This is how I express the words, in wordplay.





Whatcha say

How’d you say

Think ’bout what you say

The meaning is in context


This word

That word

All words

Stemming from one source


Big words

Little words

And all the ones in between

No one better than the other


Conveying emotions

Expressing thoughts

Delivering a message of Self

We all want to be heard


Who’s listening

Who’s aware of this Being

Who knows I exist

Who knows I matter


Making a difference with what I say

Speaking with eloquence

Speaking with intention

Speaking with purpose

Speaking from the Divine

All coming from one word