We Are Creators


Hillis_Pugh_we_are_creatorsWe are the creators of our reality. Whatever we decided to focus on will manifest. The universe will always say YES to what we want or don’t want. It knows no difference in our truest desires, It only knows what we focus on.

What are you focusing on today?






The Fashioner 


Surveying the valley from peaceful peeks

Feeling a rise in vibration in the center eye

Co-creating a world in one vision


A barrier of protection during the birthing process

Allowing energies to gather

Moving in unison

Enjoying the momentum felt

The energy of all creation



Having a tool to fashion imagination

Wielding creative insight bringing fourth one soul

Striking the hammer to chisel out incarnation of unity

Sparking I am present to life


Knowing all is purpose

Remolding singular purpose

Each entity

Each object has their purpose


Feeling alive with each creation

Feeling alive by sharing each creation

Fashion each creation from one source



Thought is energy

Thought is life

Thought is silence

Thought is love in motion

Thought is God’s voice speaking

Thought is Us

Thought is One