Today have appreciation for Vulnerability.

When we think of Vulnerability, we think of being weak minded, lack of strength, or a victim. Being vulnerable is none of the previously mentioned, it’s the opposite. To be vulnerable is to be open, to surrender. When we surrender, when we are open, we show our strength of faith. This is when Source, Angels, and Guides show up and Co-Create with us. This is the moment when we decide to stay stuck or be open to more co-creations. The question shapes and reshapes as we are more open and aware of creations. How do we become more vulnerable to the flow of our purpose, our co-creations?

The purpose, passion that is being exhibited is innate. The feeling of bliss overcoming us is our passion and validation for what we do, our creation, our manifestation. This manifestation is one of our choosing. We design each aspect of what we do, say, act, think, and being unconsciously. The unconscious act is performed through acts of physical visualization and hearing. Throughout our life, we are shown how to behave by someone else’s standards, to fit into a molded place. A place carved out for those who act, think, and speak in a certain manner of a segregated society. If we don’t fit in the molded place, then we are consider outcast. Yet, it is these outcast, radical thinkers, those going against the grain to reshape societal manifestations. Have they become vulnerable to the manifestations, their purpose in life?

The short answer would be yes. Yet the same people who changed and reshaped a world before them are the ones who judge. They judge from a place of fear. A fear of losing what they manifested. Instead of seeing the evolution of what they started. Nothing is what it was, because there is no was, there is only Now. Not saying this is true in all cases, only those who act from a place of fear and illusion. As a society, we criticize those who we think has the power, riches, and etc. Yet we have the same access to deliver our own manifestations to us as they did. If we criticize those who “have”, we are criticizing self and cutting off our own flow. How? Because, we are putting the energy out there saying we don’t want to be like them. We think and say “I want to be more enlightened, I want to be more spiritual, I want more money, etc.” Yet, how can we be what we desire when we cut our self off by being upset or angry that someone is living a life we desire, especially if we are in the same field. Yes I know it hurts, and painful to see other people soar, while you are stuck. Once we exhibit appreciation for them, and where they are, we can change our feelings, our attitude about them or any situation. We have to know the power to create worlds is flowing through us. We have to change our thoughts about how we feel. Simply allow.

To move the mountain, we chip at what’s in the way. What is in the way? We are. This is when we look inside self to become aligned with our manifestation waiting for us to materialize. We are a spiritual being in physical form. We have gotten attached to the physical and the tangible, we forgot how to reconnect with our spiritual being. Our spiritual being is our whole physical self. We are physically made from the same matter from space, manifested in another form. Our bodily cells are tiny bits of memory carrying information from past incarnations, feeding us information from our surroundings, and is our bridge to all existence, NOW. We are innate beings. We already know what we need to know. Our physical body is a conductor here to deliver information to us. The information can come to us in a dream, book, friend, stranger, t.v., the internet, or any emotion felt. How we feel is the key to allowing or not allowing our manifestations. We are all attractors, mediums, and delivery information systems.

To conduct this information, we have to come into alignment with it, free up any blocks, and extend our cords. What we desire already exist in the energy surrounding us. There has to be a shift in the thinking and feeling, not to think with our brain, but with our body, our cells, this conductor. We have to feel the information and energy feeding us what we desire to manifest them. Our brain is a storehouse of information gained through experience and teachings, yet information can channel through it for reference to be translated for us to understand what the energy is telling us. We can access the information we desire to know anytime. Yet the answer may not appear until we are in alignment to receive it. Yes, I know we want it now, but are we ready?

How do we know if we are ready? There will be a shift in the sensation in the body and mind. You will feel more alive, and more connected to Source. The connection felt is the All Knowing of the Universe, the Oneness of All Connections. This sensation isn’t felt continuously. It is felt in spurts and spikes, until we practice enough and become familiar with the sensation, then it will be continuous. Then once we are familiar with the sensation, we can will the connection and have it flow naturally, or we can choose to stay there and let the connection flow all the time. With this flow moving to and through us, now we are in the place of being vulnerable. We are now open to creating our purpose, which is our desires. In this place of co-creation, our manifestation is materializing with the assistance of Source. With Source, all is possible.

Now we do have to understand, that Source not only resides in us, but is Us. Source, God, Universe, whatever your choice of Name is, it’s all the same. Source is curious and chooses to make Itself vulnerable to the experiences of Its choosing. The experience I am referring to is the Human Experience. I know we have all heard, “God made us in His Image”, but we are Source and Source is Us. This knowing was and still is a humbling experience. Food for thought, when you look at family, friend, or a stranger, it’s Source. It’s Source interacting with Self. Think about this for a moment, sit with it, how do you feel? Our brain is unable to understand this because it is only pulling from information stored from what we input, like a computer. However, our innate feelings know we are looking at Source, because we choose to awaken to the truth and release the illusion we have created in humanity. As we say, “The eyes are the window to the Soul.”, in this case Source. When we look into the eyes of a loved one or a stranger long enough, personally, I can’t help but to smile noticeably or to self. In this moment I am in love with Self.

Today have appreciation for opening up to all Co-Creations materializing.

Today have appreciation to know our physical body contains and is the bridge for all universal wisdom.

Today have appreciation knowing Source/God is experiencing Life through Us in every moment.


Bare skin exposed

The flesh a shield cracked open

Energy seeping out

Energy seeping in

Soul being exposed to the elements


Merging with what once came

Changing form to experience creation

Changing form to understand creation

Being here to experience what I created


A reincarnation in all existence

A reincarnation of all energy

A reassembling of lives before

Hosting to one life spread over galaxies


Self experiencing self infinitely

Many forms taken on

Contributing to self

Flowing in and out of existence


Past present future

All is Now a living fluid creation

Releasing the mind

Opening the heart


Becoming an infinite anchor in an infinite chain

Being connected to self

Progression in evolution

A collaborative creation





All streams flowing back to Me


Being a witness to see Self

Looking at Self to experience Self

Oneness glorified


Life on many scales

Micro and macro


A cosmic tale I’ve told

A cosmic tale I’ve created

A cosmic tale woven from Me

A cosmic tale exposed


I am exposed

I am vulnerable

Now I stand before all

Plain sight

I can see I