Playing The Villain

Playing_villian_hillis_pughIs it so “bad” to play the Villain?

The villain always gets a bad rep, caught, or killed in the story. Is it the villain’s actions leading up to the demise or are we killing the freedom, the free will, or choices we make?

The other day I was watching an actress being interviewed.  This actress is playing a villain in an upcoming movie. Her response to the question, “How does it feel to play the villain?” In so many words, she said (paraphrasing) It feels freeing, delicious.

The thought of feeling free to play the villain, made me curious. Then I thought about one of my favorite movies, classic good guy, bad guy scenario,  Batman: The Dark Knight. One of the statements The Joker said to Batman was, “You have to break your one rule.” Even more pondering began.

As a society, we have so many rules. But those opposed to the rules are considered a vigilante or a villain. Why do we consider them villains if it’s so freeing? Are they the ones living life to fullest? Are they boundless to the creations they manifest? As actors and writers, they release the limitations imposed on their daily life, because they step into a role of not being bound by others creations. Yet even playing a “good guy” they are limited to what they can do based on the roles and rules we placed as a society. We have to “root” and “cheer” for hope.

Hope is the good, the light we see in everyone. And yes, even the villain has light in them, perhaps more than we know. What rules do we have in place limiting our soul? Are they to protect us? Are they self imposed, morals? Are they rules we follow from society? There are rules we do have to follow in society, but the rules that are self-imposed limit us. As we remember who we are, we release the rules no longer serving us. We become freer  and feel more delicious in expressing our self.

The sensation of being the villain lives in us all. The sensation of expressing our self without limits and free from others ideas and thoughts of self. No matter the role we choose to play, we are the expression of the Universe. We are unlimited beings choosing to express ourselves freely, joyously, and lovingly.


Free Affirmations:

I Am free from self-imposed limitations

I Am unlimited in all I do, in all I create.

I Am living life freely.