Universal Design

Thank You ThursdayToday have appreciation for the Universal Design.

Dear Ones, the Universe is perfect in all the magnificence you see. The experience you co-create with us, consciously is also perfect. It is an illusion you see with your physical eyes and judge the unconscious creation. The creation is one of experience, allowance, and ease, it is what you choose it be. Dear Ones, we all made our choices prior to our material manifestation, we are in the process of understanding those choices. I have chosen to experience life in this form and many others to know Myself unto self; to allow the understanding of all Creations. How I have designed the Universe is one of light. The light we have created, both seen and unseen, is the fabric, the seams connecting and holding us all together. The design is expanding continuously and consciously. With every choice made or not made, adds to the expansion of this design. No matter what is chosen Dear Ones, all is as it should be.

We, in this human experience are so harsh and judgmental when there is a failure to meet an expectation. Whether if it’s self-imposed or imposed upon, we HAVE to be just that. We in turn create a path, a channel to that creation of expectation. If not, then we let self and others involved in the creation down. With the allowance of contrasting thoughts, the ego, we think we have to live up to the illusion created. Yet, what we desire is validation of self-worth. This is why we feel the chain of thoughts and emotions lessening who we really are. But now is the time to say thank you to the ego for creating this illusion you no longer desire. This is the contrast and validation to know you are worthy of living the life best serving and nurturing self. When we pause to listen, we know all is as it should be.

Listening is key in the Universal Design. When we say listen, not just physically, we also mean trusting. When we pause to listen, what are we listening for? Are we listening for a call, a feeling, or a vibration? No matter the word chosen, the end result is trust. Who are we trusting in the process of co-creation? Each creation is different and serves a purpose. When we allow the process to just happen, we open our self up to more and more trust. The more you trust, the more can happen, the more that is happening, the more trust, and so on. The design is all about trust. Each of us were created to experience life in its many tangibles. And how do you think it happens? From curiosity? Yes. When we are curious, we trust self enough to know no harm will be done, unless it is, then in that case we lose trust. Trust is like a muscle, we have keep learning how to build it. When do we trust? We trust by listening. You see it’s all a continuous circle.

The circle is a cycle. We continue in the process to remember who we are, who I am. We are one Soul unified by light. This one Soul split into billions of cells, you, to experience the Design I made, but now changing and expanding from each experience. The most beautiful thing is witnessing self with self. I am as I am because of the validation given. Each physical being validates my presence. My presence is desired, asked for, and wanted. I allow myself to say yes. I say yes to the love received, knowing there is much more to give.

This Dear Child of Light, is our reason for expansion. We are one loving energy wanting to achieve our highest possible purpose and in doing so, we bring others with us, when they are ready. Sometimes, we have to forget to remember. We may receive glimpse of what we are to be, this is when our life reboots to offering us a phase to reach our purpose. Each cell, each soul, you are capable of so much more than what you physically know.

Remember Dear Ones, each action is a choice to guide you on your path. The path to reach your highest good and to live solely in your purpose. You each are perfect as the design made. You are validated with love. Our joy is to give each of you love.

When you feel this unconditional love, all is flowing with ease and you made the choice to be open to receiving. When you become open, you allow your true authentic self to shine through. This is when your soul is in alignment with your emotions and thought, then guided by inspired action. Each action taken from your true self is one of trust. See, we are back to trusting self again. The base of this design is trust and love. Without them the design would be flawed. Many of you have felt as if you lost one or both, love or trust. Dear One, your soul is loved very much and we trust in you. We ask you to remember your trust. You trusted yourself enough to incarnate here and to allow the experience you are having NOW. And we love you for taking a chance to forget all your knowing and trusting Us. You are important, you are why we exist. Now you can design the life you desire at any moment. It is never too late to choose your path. You are Creator of this life and everyone hereafter. We are light. We are one.

Today allow your light to Shine.
Today know, no matter the choice made it’s the right one.
Today trusting yourself is all that matters.
Today allowing more trust allows more love.
Today you are loved and validated.


Channeled by Ascended Masters, Family of Light.


Spider’s Web

Crafted silk spun round intricately
A woven wonder entrapping curious prey
Starting from center
Spun out to far reaches ensnaring more unwilling prey
Wise is the hunter
Wise is the gather

Cascading through the universe
Leaving traces of existence
Seeds springing from Source to Child
One in the same

A noticeable pattern leaving a mark
One creation
One evolution
One Love

An infinite connection
An unserved thread
An eternal bond
An expanding life