Tuesday Morning Love

rsoetanRochelle Soetan is the creative publisher of Tuesday Morning Love the blog, author of the new inspirational book Tuesday Morning Love: 52 Commentaries and Weekly Affirmations to Honor the Soul within the Soldier and emerging Radio Talk Show Host of Tuesday Morning.

As a veteran of the literary arts, Rochelle has identified the purpose of her voice through writing and commentating on transforming stories that strengthen the heart and unlock the soul’s highest potential. She uses the chronicles of her own life – and the narratives of others – to demonstrate how to overcome many of life’s most challenging obstacles in order to sustain clarity, courage.


Tuesday Morning Love COVERExcerpt of Tuesday Morning Love


Week 1: A Sacred Space

“It was the first Tuesday morning of my third consecutive week residing under the Northeastern Florida sunshine. I sat in silence like a bird, Indian-style and in the grit at the oceans dry landing. I curled my toes in the sand and closed my eyes, drawing into my lungs the smell of salt water as I embraced the blanket of beauty surrounding me. In this blissful place, as I meditated on the things I needed to modify and what I needed to believe, sanction and release began to shift. The oceans waves rolled toward me like the rattling of ten tambourines. I watched the sky slowly darken as it swept its drapery across the clouds. The warmth of wonder smiled at me in the distance and the belly of the sun began to sink. This scene was fortifying and soon thereafter, Neptune Beach became my cosmic sanctuary.”



Week 8: Souldier of Love

Love inspires us. We seek it. We pray for it. We want it so we wait for it. We require it and at some point, we must acknowledge that no matter what the circumstances are or have been throughout our experiences, we cannot deny it nor can we live without it. Love can hold us captive; it can also set us free. Love resides at the inner core of our being and strengthens us and keeps us alive. I suspect that at the core of most personalities is mystery – a hunger for experience, capacity for pleasure, need for thought or purpose, and the appreciation of beauty. This mysterious life force pushes us to consider that the mystery of who we are is something we glimpse in other people. Usually, the closer we get to the mystery the stranger people seem to appear. The farther we are from the mystery perhaps, the easier it becomes to accept clichés and conventions about who people are and how we are to love them. But love isn’t a mystery at all. It is a simple manifestation of truth and light.


Week 50: Harmony Brings it Home: John Lennon

“In these modern times in which we live, it is not easy to be an advocate for all things positive, to go against the grain of what society deems as “righteous”, or to remain devoted to the authentic soul of which we recognize as the gift while the noise of the world around us continues to amplify its’ echo and worsen its’ cataclysms. Becoming a peaceful soul requires mindfulness, stillness, morality, effort, wisdom, and a willingness to create harmony inside and out.”


Week 48: A Day by Atmosphere

Sometimes powerful forces cause us to think that we don’t have enough time in a single day, but how can that be? The universe is eternal. Much of the stress of our environment forces us to believe that we are further away from our perfect opportunity than we really are. That frame of mind compels us to feel anxiety and advance the journey into full gear. Could this “shortage” of time merely be a sense of perception? If you are identifying too closely with the physical forms and limitations of this earthly environment, you can easily forget how temporary these things are. It’s easy to speed up – all you have to do is sprint and hit the accelerator of life. Slow it down. You need not race. You can stroll with grace and confidence because what is yours is yours; you will arrive in time. After all, it’s not speed you want to acquire – its direction and a sense of purpose. You are part of the divine and the divine is a part of you. When we learn to trust the future and its divine order, we see that we don’t have to run at all.



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