Be thankful this day for Transitions.
When we think of transitions we think of change. However, we forget about the process of the transition. During the process of the transition, we grieve. The grieving allows for space during the transitions to analyze what we are letting go of to move forward. We weigh the pros and cons of this transition creating doubt, i.e. “Should I or Shouldn’t I”. Instead of over thinking the transition, we should just listen. Through listening, we follow what is in our best interest from Source. Remember this is the life We planned and can alter at any moment through free will. I personally do understand once we are in a place of comfort, we don’t feel comfortable with any form of transition. We have to find the courage within self to know what is best to live the life desired. The question now becomes, do we live a life We choose to awaken self, remember who we are, and live in Our purpose or do we live a life of regret, internally knowing “I could have done better”?
When there is a great opportunity present, one to alter our current life situation, sometimes we jump at the chance, other times we let the opportunity pass. Depending of the opportunity and how it will change our life, we will respond fight of fly. The reason for the “fight or fly” response is because when the opportunity presents itself there may be unknowns causing uncertainty. When something new presents itself there is always a level of uncertainty. The uncertainty felt may stem from outer sources, this is when we have to take a look at we are surrounding our self with or our environment. However, we have to remember, each opportunity, each moment is a gift, a present, they were all pre-sent to us.
We forget about what we have asked for to be sent to before incarnate, because we choose to remember through action who we really are. Our friends, family, environment, and choices, impact the awakening, or remembering process. Grieving is so important to the soul and the process of remembering. What we remember and how we remember, plays an important role in any transition we are experiencing. On a soul level we already know what to do, yet we allow the human experience to cloud the path we are on through various sensations and experiences. I’m not saying not to be human or experience what you chose, but don’t allow yourself to become the victim of the experience you chose. This is the life chosen to live in joy and love.
The life chosen is one of a singular entity, Us. We are experiencing self with self and through self. Once we come to awaken in the inner knowing we are here living with the same purpose through different experiences, our life will truly be one.
We have allowed a life comfort or complacency. There is a difference between the two, comfort is when you feel at ease of in the flow what is transpiring in your life, while complacency is when you accept what is happen and ending up as the victim in the reality created by you. When you feel at ease, you allow more of the same to enter in your reality. When you are complacent, you are reactive to all surrounding you, you feel there is no control in your life and accept being the victim. As the victim, you don’t take any blame for the life present or pre-sent moments. We have to remember, no matter where we are at in our life, we give off a vibration and the Universe, Source, God, matches the vibration and sends us what is asked, verbally, mentally and by actions. Yet when we are at a place of comfort, life is easy, we are in the flow and accept how our life is flowing. We can control the flow through awareness of being present when moments and opportunities arrive and filled with joy when they do. This expression is opening us to more like and greater moments.
When we get out of our head, life is less confusing and conflicting. Our role is to enjoy life and remember self through universal experiences. Living from within, where God lives, where the Source lives, where the Universe lives, is the place We live, because We are all One.
As we expand our thoughts to include universal possibilities, we become free of living as the victim and regrets from not listening within. Our Source-self is our guide along with other Beings of light. When we cut out our light, we become blind and accepting to the dark world filling the space. It is our awareness of the dark world when the light shines, and can’t be extinguished through hope. Our light of hope is the opportunity pre-sent to us live in the wake of awaking we have asked for. Just be aware, it is here Now for you to live, love and enjoy fully.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the ease of flow in all things.
Be thankful this day and everyday for releasing victimhood and being in control of life’s flow.
Be thankful this day and everyday for being aware to receive pre-sent moments with love, joy and compassion.
Zero Point
Starting where I end
Ending where I begin
Coming back to center
In alignment with self and all existence
Movement in stillness
Understanding the nothingness in being
Knowing the vastness of desiring
Both are aligned in evolution of one
Experience the totality of energy
Solid Matter
Our pure state
Ever morphing
Knowing the true identity of self
Awaking to knowing who we are
Who am I
Who we are is one
One is the Source-Self
One is the Source of all existence
All in existence was created manifested by thought
The sheer will of will
Awaking to know what matters
A place of peace
A sanctuary of renewal
A cycle of continuum evolution
A point a place where all is infinite
A point a place where energy existence both nothing and something
A conclusion of all that is and all that I am

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  1. Roque Cozzette May 13, 2013 at 2:38 am

    Thank you so much for giving your time and good energy