The Power of Creation (Part 2)

Hillis_Pugh_power_of_creationBe thankful this day for the Power of Creation. (Part 2)
I wrote an entry a few years ago about the Power of Creation, little did I know the wisdom I was expressing was only the beginning of a much deeper process. As Divine Souls, we have the power to create and recreate our lives. Each day we wake up we create our life consciously and unconsciously. The conscious part of our day is when we go through our daily routine, yet at the same time we are unconscious of it, because it is our routine. The reason why we become unconscious with our routine, is simply we created a level of trust with our self to preform daily acts. When we trust our self, we don’t have to put in much effort to be aware of what tasks need to be preformed. However when we are conscious, we are more aware and still in a learning process. We are learning about our capabilities and the level of involvement of our mind to create or carryout our actions. Before any action can occur, our mind, thoughts and words have to be in alignment. The question now becomes, how do we become fully aware  of the process to carry out the desired actions resulting in the outcome of our life?
The first step in reaching the desired outcome is to release any emotional attachment to the outcome; release in how it will happen. As humans we have to physically know everything, all the details and even make an outline of how the event or action is going to happen. The only the we need to know is the outcome. I will repeat… the only thing we need to know is the outcome. We usually come up with a step my step plan to achieve the outcome desired, yes it is necessary in some human life areas, such as the work place. However, when the plan doesn’t go as expected, don’t we get frustrated? The reason being, is because we put in the work to create an outcome. This work could have been in vain because of the lack of emotions involve during the creating process. To create without emotion is to create nothing at all. When we create we get attached to every aspect, but the emotional. As Divine Souls, we have to create with Love. Love takes effort, but not work. The term work is a general and over used to describe physical labor, while the term effort is interchanged with work, the two words may feel the same in meaning but different. When we put forth the effort to create, we create with the effort of love, using joy and the supporting emotion, like when we smile or any larger action creating more love or joy around us. We have to know why we create and what we are creating it for, and how it happens is up to Universal Forces.
Secondly when we create, we have to make the effort to release old sponsoring thoughts, behaviors and words no longing supporting our new paradigm shift. As children and young developing souls, we can become very impressionable. We believe what others tell us and carry thoughts dis-serving our soul, reason being we did not put in the effort to find our own truth. We believe what others have expressed to us based on our limited interaction or actions with them. Somehow we always seek for validation and confirmation of the said validation outside of self, instead of looking within Self. The process of unlearning and undoing all the sponsoring thoughts takes time. We have put in the work to feel unworthy, unloved, and blame everyone else but self for the outcome we are living. We now have to own the responsibility of the lack of effort made in our present life to live as we should be living,  with love and joy. We now have to know we are loved and worthy to be here living our best life. We have to know who we are and what thoughts we are creating for self and others.Now clearing process has started, you can rebuild the foundation of the creation process. To create of manifest what is desired in your life, you need to have your thoughts, words, and actions in alignment with one another. First your thoughts need to clear and filled with love and intention. Meaning, you have to know have to know why you desire what you desire, who will it serve, and the desired resulting outcome. In the thought process, some old sponsoring thoughts may arise, yet this is the time to make the effort to continue to change all thoughts no longer of service to you. Second and maybe the most important step is our words. Words like our thoughts are very powerful. When we use our words, we invoke the Magician in Self. The most powerful words are “I Am”. The words I Am help to create to manifest our desires with little effort. The words I Am assist in calming who we truly are. The words I Am are the words to start the process of manifestation, the keys in the engine and the words to follow I Am guides you to the outcome. Example, “I am wanting to be a millionaire.”  This statement is a powerful statement, but the Universe will only bring you what is asked for. You are requesting to “want” to be a millionaire. In essence, you will keep “wanting” to be a millionaire. When using your words you have to be careful, specific and speak as if it has already happened. Example, “I am a millionaire.” This statement is clear, powerful and the universe can deliver what is asked for with little effort. As time goes on, you may refine your words, but be constant and stop changing your mind, this maybe a reason why there is a block in manifestation process. Lastly you have to focus on your actions. You have to make a conscious effort to make sure your actions are in alignment with all else, but the actions mustn’t be forced. The actions must be in a natural flow and intuitive. Example, if you like to be a millionaire, then you may play the lottery, though you never played before or sign a book deal. When the opportunities arise you know what actions to take. When all is in alignment, magic happens, our desires come forth with little effort and love.We live life daily not knowing how it will play out, though there is a vague idea of how we want our life to flow. We are in a state of remembering our purpose here. Our purpose is to remember who we are and help others remember too. Through the process of creation we can remember who we are, our Divine Self. This is why we create to express our Divinity, Wisdom and Truth.

Be thankful this day and everyday to release old sponsoring thoughts to create newness and awareness in your daily life.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the process of creation to manifest heartfelt desires with little effort.
Be thankful this day and everyday to know the purpose of creation and to remember and know Self as a Divine Soul.


Unspoken Destiny
A path over many life time
Same purpose
Different Life

This is what I choose to so
Learning what is asked
What is needed to progress in the destiny

This is what I am
What I am is unified light spawned of the Creator to experience all life facets

With Master and Council to guide me
To shape self and reshape separated thoughts of humanity gathering light to complete oneness

Elevated thinking causes bouts
Conflicts with life circumstances
What am I to learn to remember in the process of awakening
Leads to openness to other plains of dimension

Who are we now
Now is who we are living for now
Fate is only to forget yesterday
Yesterday no longer matters
Learned with an open heart

An intervention of the reinvented
All is done once and over again
Repressed for new message streaming to masses of one thought different messages to reach all

Standing in the middle of the universe
Being connected to self to others to the Creator
Now know and understand I was created with and for a purpsoe

Having hope being carried on wings of angels
Changing winds give new purpose to a destined fate

We are here the fates and fated
We know our purpose
We know our intent
We do as we should
We are aware of what we do
We are aware of who we serve
We are present
We are life
We are love
We know our fate
We are the fate of self