Symbiotic Relationships

Hillis Pugh_Symbiotic RelationshipsToday have an appreciation for Symbiotic Relationships.

What exactly is a Symbiotic Relationship? This is when two independent life forms/species enter into an agreement to support the life of another, typically providing nourishment and shelter. For example, the cells of our body is an independent life form helping to support our life, and vice versa. One cannot be sustained without the other. A symbiotic relationship is one of equal dependence. The question is now, how does one enter into a symbiotic relationship?

This relationship is one of mutual agreement. I will start with the previous example of the cells running through our body. This mutual agreement between the cells and the energy we call the body is one of mutual experience of learning and evolving. We know that both are physical manifestations of the universal energy. Though both cells and the human body come from the same energy, they are formed in different ways, yet they have the same purpose. This purpose is to know self. As a soul, we create different experiences and life forms to experience oneself. As we learn/remember more about Self and the relationships we create, the question arising is “Who came first, Who is in charge?” The relationship between two life forms, Marco and Micro is always one of mutual dependence. This dependence makes the awakening/remembering process joyful. It becomes joyful because we are learning about the other’s desires to sustain them.

With any process of learning, each has a cycle. The cells, for example, goes through a process of renewal, and every ten years we physically have a new body. How does this cycle work? What do our cells need to keep the mechanics of the body in order? This is when communication is key. With any symbiotic relationship, there has to be communication. The communication between the two entities is voiced. Each one expresses its desires. The host/body (macro) is subservient to the guest/cell (micro). How? One needs the other to live, the cells offer the body independent function, one free of conscious thought. We don’t have to the think to breath, make our heart beat, or other independent bodily functions. The cells do that for us. Why? Because we have asked them too. It is almost impossible for us to be conscious of our entire bodily functions, this would take a lot of practice and meditation. The cells were the first life. They have their own thought process. However, we the host give them direction. How? With our thoughts, with our words, with the food we eat, and even the daily activities. They respond to us. Even though the cells are telling us what they want to carry out their function. We override their wants to do their job to feed our selfishness, by thinking we know best. Example: We ask our boss at work for items, tools, or a report for us to complete a task, then we get something else the boss feels it will be better. Some of us don’t say anything, we just take what’s given and do our best with it. Yet if we got what was asked for it would be better? Same thing, the cells can only do what it can with what is given.

What we give is what we receive. Each relationship there is always some giving and receiving. But what stimulates our choices? The choices are made based on what will make us feel good and how will we benefit from this relationship. The energy surrounding us is another symbiotic relationship. The energy I speak of is our Chakras, Aura, Guides, all we don’t see but feel. Each energy system is connected to our body. Source created this energy system for us to always be connected to It. Know this dear ones, we are Source in physical form expressing Itself in many ways. The question is fostered, how can we benefit from a relationship with self and the Energy surrounding us? The energy surrounding us is a reflection of Self. Energy Self (Marco) is bearing witness to physical self (Micro) to better understand the world created, to better understand each entity. The reference to entity is the wholeness of one being. The entity is two wholes, making a greater whole. We have our physical self and then we have what most of us would call our Higher Self of Source Self. This is a grander relationship. Our Higher self-made an agreement to evolve to a better version of self thru manifestation of self in a physical body. We agreed to live a physical life where we would be guided by our Source Self. And now we are in a physical form, carrying the connected energy of Source Self, being one entity, one grand Energy. The benefit of this relationship is we become more aware of Self, other dimensions, Source, and like non-physical energies. With practice, we can feel into both want is given and received.

With time and practice, we foster a better relationship with Energies, surrounding us daily. No matter the scale of the relationship, we have to view it as a loving mutual agreement made between two wholes making a greater whole; physical or energetic. Our best output can only be given when we ask for what is wanted and listened too. Our communication with our partners is a key role in living up the expectations of self and agreements made. Each life form has a special bond with us. Can this apply to pets and people? Some would scientifically argue no, but I feel this can apply in varying scales, depending on the relationship and agreement made with each soul/entity involved. With the evolution of the Planet and Universe, all relationships and their definition tend to change with it.


Today have an appreciation for the bond created with another.

Today have an appreciation for the love expressed from your Source.

Today have an appreciation for the deeper understanding of the connections made.




Taking a journey deep within

Connecting with this life and past

Rehashing thoughts released

The works ensues


Melding into oneness with all surrounding light

Witnessing the disappearing of the vanishing point

All is where we come from

Realizing all is truly one and the same


The light dances with release

Traveling through darkness only see and feel light

The past is that and there it is resolved


Allowing the tenses to heal this energy

An entity all so familiar with guidance from all light

Surrounding light

Supporting light


Receiving what was asked

Giving what is desired

One color blending into the next

Allowing the light to dance with me


  1. Sudhin S January 7, 2016 at 7:55 am

    Thanks dear friend. Your works are great.

    1. Hillis Pugh January 7, 2016 at 9:06 am

      You are most welcome!!