The Summoning

cameron greyWe all are magicians. The true magician desires power over no one, except of self. The power of self, the power of the universe is flowing through us, resulting in a number of manifestations.  Our manifestations can appear anytime through anyway. All we have to do is perform the act  summoning. Summoning is the use of words, thoughts, and emotions to bring forth the manifestations. Once in alignment of intentions, all flows effortlessly with love.



The Summoning

Words express all desires
Living in panic of what to do next
Traveling to ascension
Making the choice to choose

The words to bring forth desires
Words sing
Words breathe
Words create life to visions of predetermined desires
We all know what we want
We all have access to the same thing

Moving in one fluid vibration
Celebrating what was summoned
A sensation felt and remembered times over life expanded

Searching finite infinite wisdom to recreate and expand to awaken more
Stillness affects the process
Here you are before thee brilliant light shared

A thought is creation
A word is a whisper
A vision is confirmation
Called into experience
An extension of Source

I call upon you
I call forth the Divine Self the Divine Source to awaken this soul’s full potential
I grant you permission to assist and guide me
Thank You for hearing the call of the soul