Standing in Stillness

Hillis_Pugh_standing_in_stilnessThe moment when we are physically alone, the energy surrounding us grows. The space we are creating gives us more room to stand, stand in stillness. The whole world, the universe is moving faster than we can perceive it. Yet, we slow down just enough to catch it all. We notice the inaction actions. We come to understand in full awareness of the choices we already made. In stillness all comes to life, all is awakened.


Standing in Stillness

Confronting the choices made
Understanding the why
The purpose of the choice
Improvement of self
Incrementally improving others

Admittingly in a place of self-containment
Keeping safe
Protecting others and self from my choices
I am responsible
I am limited
I am afraid
Afraid of potential

Choice after choice
Already made a life time ago
For today and tomorrow
Sensing these actions are to unfold this way
As they are

The only way to follow
To proceed in the deeds signed is with clarity
Questions bring fourth the desired

Looking deep within to trust self
Already knowing the challenges
Already knowing what was needed
Witnessing the unseen as it happens

One with internal wisdom
Executing external actions with thought
My choice to do as done with acceptance of self

Standing here
Listening in stillness
I now know my choice
I now know what must be done
I am free