Shell of Life

Hillis_Pugh_shell_of_lifeA being contained in light, expressing light. We are more than this vessel, more than this shell of life. What we are is life, light itself experiencing many facets in many forms. We are all one mass of many cells.





Shell of Life


A vessel to sustain the energy contained given life too


Divinity set in motion

A process of awakening

Being close to home


Lifeless atoms charged with purpose

Fathomlly connected with unity


All made up of one life

One energy

Different reasons

One goal


Great care is desired for a fragile shell easily shattered by devices not of this world


Sending out an S.O.S

Save Our Souls

Save Our Shell

Save Our System

Save Our Skin

Save Our Senses

Save Our Strength

Save Our Society

Save Our Spirit

This call can only be answered by the energy within


A vessel no longer a shell

Now unified with energy of life

Born again to the awaking action

Welcoming the familiar and embracing the unknown