Self-Worth – Excerpt from Awaken With Gratitude

Hillis_Pugh_self_worthBe thankful this day for self-worth.

Self-worth is the measuring stick of feeling loved or loving ourselves. We as humans long to be appreciated for who we are and what we do. Some of us commit acts of kindness and desire to shout out good deeds from the roof tops, while others humbly stand by without acknowledging themselves. This is where society and teachings separate. As children we are taught to have manners, by saying please and thank you to acknowledge others for their kind deeds for us. As time progresses into adulthood, we learn it’s ok to take what we want, not necessarily stealing, but showing lack of gratitude and appreciation for what we have, what is given and being done for us. Then we fill ourselves up with stuff and not able to fully enjoy ourselves. Example, you move into a very spacious, luxurious home, you need to fill it up. You go out buy the basics, furniture, appliances, knick knacks, etc. Now you can live in your home comfortably, enjoy your space. As time progresses you accumulate more knick knacks, before you know it your home is cluttered. The value of home and lifestyle has been depreciated. This is how most of us live, holding on the accumulated stuff in our life. The self-worth and appreciation is gone. We all at one point had self-worth. How do you regain the love and appreciation you once had?

We all have something we love and appreciate about ourselves, let that be the focal point. Working from the inside out to find the excess in which we carry. This is how to find your self-worth. Self-worth is not monetized by acts of kindness nor vanity of self. Self-worth is knowing who you are, being confident in the knowledge of self and appreciating yourself for you are. Yes it’s ok to treat yourself to something you feel will move your spirit to a better place, but make sure it’s what your spirit wants and not what society dictates. Taking a well-deserved trip, take an unscheduled lunch or distraction from the day. Self-worth is making yourself feel good in alignment with your spirit and being a joy to others in their presence.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the ability to love ourselves.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the manners taught to us to show gratitude for all we have and given to us.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the knowledge of self to feel worthy in the presence of self and others.



Living the laws that define me still creating my space of life freedom breaking the rules I make times taking the whole cake
Living life of emotions and intuition that was given slipping deep into myself plot a future path of a new view with past mistakes I feel out of place
Claiming what is rightfully yours adore the time given to create mold to what you believe conceive birth soon to float fly to an earthly heaven
Infinite stars that I share with some may fall others will evolve into something bigger still we all shine brightly one not the same similar contained in a cluster of the beautiful ones



Excerpt from Thank You Thursday Vol. 1