Power of Personal Self

Hillis_Pugh_Power_of_Personal_SelfBe thankful this day for Power of Personal Self.
When we think of power of personal self we generally relate it to our independence. In our conditioned way of thinking, our independence gives us freedom to do as we choose. What are we choosing to do with our freedom, our independence? In life, we continue to assert ourselves with the choices made, for example, when a child comes of age they move out of the family home to prove self-worth. The steps to prove our self-worth may include, getting a new or better job, having a nice place to live, living the “American Dream” sort-to -speak. But creating and asserting our independence doesn’t end there, when we are faced with life challenges we first look to self to fix the situation, at times it can be solved, other times it does get worst before we ask for the required assistance. As Spiritual Beings living as Human Beings, we go to great lengths to prove our independence to self and others. Why do we go to such lengths to prove to self we are Independent from others and our Creator? Yes what we experience are life lessons to being a Master of Self, but we are not alone on the journey. The question now becomes how can we become more inclusive in our role as teachers, students and live as one?
As children (speaking literally and figuratively), we belong to a unit. As young children our unit is our family, yet we assert ourselves to be different and stand out. As older children, young adults, we strive to set ourselves apart from other adults, yet we look for people or groups with the same or similar interest, forming another unit. On a conscious level, we desire separation to be free from all humanistic constraints, yet on an unconscious level we long for oneness within a loving community. This is why we separate ourselves from spiritually unhealthy environments and gravitate to more loving communities. Some communities we stay with or in because of our human morality, even though it may have proven unhealthy for our spiritual or Higher Self. The mistake we all make over and over again is we keep separating ourselves from other Souls. We can understand separating self from an environment or situation not nurturing us. The reason why we can understand it is because our intuition, angels, and guides speak to us. However when it comes to a separating our self from another soul, we fear we are going to be judged for our action or lack of.  Our fear of separation is warranted and stems from birth.When I speak of birth, I speak of the first birth, the first incarnation of our Soul, before we arrived on the planet. Our first incarnation was from the Creator. When we were casted off from the Creator, we didn’t want to leave, we felt loved, yet lonely because we were a single entity longing for a more wisdom and interaction. Having this desire created a living playground for the spawns, us, to interact with one another. Knowing there would some level of discomfort; the Universal Mid-wives nurtured each soul in preparation to incarnate on the planet. Once incarnated, we created an attachment to our group of souls to care and nurture us. When we felt stifled or stagnant in any form, we sought out separation from the unit to expand self-awareness. With a new level of awareness, we expanded our thoughts of wholeness with others and wanted to feel inclusive, a sense of belonging to a group and to self.When we begin to have a sense of wholeness within our self, we then live to assist others to find wholeness within them. In order to have the desired wholeness, we must first experience the opposite, having a level of separation. When separation is experienced we gain a greater sense of appreciation for the wholeness desired. The result of the appreciation is a better sense of the power of personal self. Our true power is within us and this is where our personal self lives. Our personal space expands out to complement our human surroundings. Just like the air we breathe, our lungs expand and contract with ease once we are aware of the process. So we too, like our bodies’ must become aware of the process to gain access to will our personal space to create the desire level of oneness with self and others. Our oneness depends on the relationship we have with our self. We are the most important factor when it comes to achieving oneness with self.

To have oneness with self, we have to look at self without judgment, release all life hindrances and welcome what is desired with love. This process is on-going, and always fine tuning self like an instrument, because we are instruments of light. This is a process I am currently experiencing, opening myself up to new levels and welcoming more light. As beings of light we often send out more light than we take in, this is only natural. Now we have to learn how to receive more light and cut the cords of to those whom we gave our power too. When we give our power to others, we decrease our personal space. Our personal space is a priceless real estate. We have to learn to be nurtures and caregivers to self like the Universal Mid-wives, our human families’ and soul groups to achieve new levels of oneness here on the planet.



Our oneness is inclusive to our soul group (family and friends) and strangers. Yes our soul group aides us in expansion of self, but strangers in our life create more of an opportunity of rapid expansion and awareness. They both become a reflection of who we truly desire to be. Are we actively living in our dream, our purpose, or are we a witness to the dream deferred? We can take baby steps in our dream till it’s fully cultivated. Our dream doesn’t have to “perfect” to be manifested; “perfection” is just getting it done on any level. Every step taken, every action made, every thought processed, is perfection made! Celebrate what is accomplished.

Our oneness is who we are naturally; we are the Creator, Teacher, Student, and Reflection for others. We are simply all life is, taking on another from to experience the facets of life. Once we accept the knowledge of who we are, the knowledge turns to wisdom for each soul to share, creating a unified connection woven in light.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the conscious awareness of who we truly are.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the love we are nurtured with daily to understand the value of self.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the new level of oneness achieved with the expansion of universal wisdom.

Too Late

Living then when
past tense
holding on to a to once dear yet relevant to move forward

Present tense
left ignored
having a great distance between now and then
coming to the extraction point to release what’s left

Caring the pain and anguish
resulting in regret and resentment
longing for change

it is too late
A witness
an observer of the world
all the passer-bis aimlessly wonder seeking truth for self-expressed in their purest and highest form
Watching time evolve in the place of solitude
what is real
now a believer in honor of self
what is offered
what is given
what is chosen
Now in the cross path of all time tenses
is it still too late
now is all that is given
yet taken for granted
now is an eternal gift