Power and Love

Hillis_Pugh_Power_and_loveToday have appreciation for Power and Love.

This entry is inspired by Earth-Keeper Chronicles, article The Polarity of Power & Love. As I read this article I received a deeper meaning of how power and love are one in the same. It is our mind creating the separation of the two energies and even times about to gain control over another.  But why do seek power other another, yet desire love just the same? It is the polarity and separation we have created in our life, and in humanity molding such opposite spectrum.

Excerpt: Polarity of Love and Power

And so then it is inevitable that as your reach accelerated stages, you will be forced to make choices that are less immediately apparent. These are oft no longer obvious choices between what may be termed ‘love & hate’ or ‘good and evil’ in the subtlest of manners, the choices shift between LOVE and POWER. Each gain achieved, carries you into higher realms, higher dimensions, and indeed the polarity paradigm differs in each new stage.

You see, Love and Power are perhaps the most compelling and complex of life lessons. True Power exists within the gracefulness of LOVE. But the seeming paradox is that Love also requires the strength of will to complete it in duality. One of the lessons humanity experienced in Atlantis is that there are times when the strength is required in highest good to confront the dark ambitions of those who seek to imprison others and use resources for world control. One of your sages once stated “Evil can only succeed when ‘good men’ do nothing.” But the how of such action is a great challenge for you to resolve, for it is of tantamount importance. Wars are not ended by fighting more wars. Peace will only occur when peace is desired more than war, and is proactively projected into reality manifestation with the extraordinary strength of LOVE.

You see Dear Ones, we have created a strong desire for Power and Equality, and we will go to great lengths to obtain it. Look at the World now, some will say it’s in great chaos. We say it’s in great contrast and opportunity. When there is a great contrast, there is an opportunity for you to see what it is you really desire. We all desire abundance, peace, harmony, and most of all Love. All we do is wrapped in Love. It may be wrapped so tight and at the center of many layers, but the core of what we do is love. Yes, sometimes our actions may not seem like they are stemming from love, but we think they are because we are doing our best in the moment of action or thought. As we progress to be more awakened, we view the retrospect and see then an action was not from a true Source of love, but the intention was there. Dear one, please don’t be so hard on yourself, this reflection is only one to allow for remembering who you are. We only know what we chose to awaken to.

There are many of us in transition now, undergoing new levels of awakening, even self. There may be confusion, lack of confidence, and at times feeling lazy or worthless. This period is short lived as you already know what is to come next. You have seen the contrast, you have seen the tragedy, and you have also seen great acts of pure kindness and love. Those loving acts are the ones chosen to be on display to inspire others. How you each chose to act effects the other and the whole. Do we what to continue to live in a Power struggle, cutting others off from their well-being? Actually dear ones, you already have to the power to choose. It is what you are doing with the power making a difference. Most of you are not aware of this power lying within, but there, it’s what you desire.

We are all on a path of self-mastery, to learn more about self. A true master excerpts power over no one, only self.

Excerpt: Discernment is Key to Mastery

There are many in metaphysics who carry a great deal of spiritual knowledge who develop the urge to share that knowledge. While this in itself is a positive attribute, it is also necessary to avoid the ego trappings of ‘Spiritual One Upsmanship’ and ‘Guruship’. It is correct to make known the mystery, yet each must use individual discernment to find their own inner voice. The time of the guru is passed. Each of you are now compelled to be your own guide. Discernment is key. If it does not resonate, then reject it.

The goal is to develop the Divinity within self. The goal is not to ‘channel Ascended Masters or Angelics’ rather to channel your own inner Divinity. To be clear, there are indeed souls who channel Ascended Masters and Angels, but this cannot be achieved without first channeling the Divinity of SELF, and access to the Master within you is all that is ever needed or required. Ye are GODs!

And so we end this assay in acumen of TRUTH: Individual discernment is ever the key, for one man’s truth may be another man’s folly. And the manner in which you harmonize  multiple TRUTHS is a great test of spirituality.

The greatest Power is the Power of Love. Love yourself and love one another, for the unity of LOVE is a great and beautiful accomplishment for mankind in micro and macro.  Masters  know that we are ever with you and we ever honor you on this incredible journey.


Today have appreciation for knowing you have to power to make a difference.

Today have appreciation for the love entering our lives and love is the true power we desire.

Today have appreciation to awaken to making the choice to be masters of self.


Superior Equality 

Coming from one place

One Source being equal from creation

The first incarnation


The incarnations and tie create space causing separations



Creating illusions of better than who better than what


Less than nothing

Equal to the energy within

Yielding to the wielding force

The invisible


Having an understanding of am I You

Being a reflection for all

All being a reflection for Self


Desiring the same peace growth and freedom

Now responsible for outcomes

Changing the plan or reverting back to the original plan


Intuition speaks up

The voice is heard and recognized

Profound light pierces through the eyes seeing the full spectrum


Guided through lessons by Elders and masters before

Awaken from tired acts of just making it

Choosing to now take the life reigns

It is what was chosen


Now a Master of equal rights of self

Knowing we are all Masters of our right and design

A being on one level and a Master of nothing