Persistence of Inspiration – Excerpt from Awaken With Gratitude

Hillis_Pugh_Persistence_of_inspirationBe thankful this day for the persistence of inspiration.

We all know that inspiration is the gift of invention; however the persistence of inspiration is the voice guiding us to fulfill the inspiration. This voice is like our intuition, but directing us, like a muse. Inspiration can take on many shapes and forms, but it is only for the individual to see and understand. What is your inspiration to present your talent or gift to the world? Inspiration can lead to the completion of many goals. We just don’t do one thing well, though the one gift may stand out from others. It’s the passion we put behind the gift or talent that makes it stand out. Inspiration is all around us, though most of us are too busy to notice, resulting in excuses and letting inspiration pass you by. Yes there are circumstances we must pay attention too, but don’t let that hinder you from presenting yourself to the world in a light that is all your own.

Inspiration is what’s makes the world what it is and gives it the potential to be better each day. Yes it sounds like optimism, but where does optimism come from, being inspired to be better. Nothing stands still for long, we all move in the direction which is best suited to us and the inspiration given to guide us. Though we are all one and come from one energy, we are unique with different energy, yet reaching the same place.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the little voice to guide you through.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the muse and inspiration to find your path.
Be thankful this day and everyday for all that you are.


Strong and Silent

The will to proceed when others desire the true meaning is it really appears as it should be or a mask to hide the passing fool

In a warrior’s stance all stare in a trace as I return the glance as my eyes pierce their souls like a spear to flesh

A quiet riot made presence known with few actions to ignite a spark to make others curious wonder about a silent thunder

Deeply rooted in trees that leave all guessing of the strength possessed never doubting the immeasurable or the unchallenged

Gliding through the crowds that clouds individualism looking for the one signature to sign and made mine

Revealing everything to unveil nothing standing naked in the breeze as it pleases me the comfort in silence in the awe of strength



Excerpt from Thank You Thursday Vol. 1