Hillis-Pugh_OnenessToday have an appreciation for Oneness.

What is Oneness? This has been a question that has been a part of my journey for a few years now. Personally, I understand it, know what it means, and even experienced it. I will do my best to articulate it.

Oneness is the understanding of no separation between non-physical and physical. Non-physical is the energy we cannot see, Source, spirit, love, and all we know exist but can only feel. Physical is all things using the five senses, tangible and tactical. How can there be no separation between the when they are on opposite spectrums?

We came from the non-physical manifested in the physical by Source. Meaning, we are a part of Source and Source is a part of us. Just a like a child to a parent. A child has its own identity, but still carries traits and characteristics of the parents. Just as we do. We manifest on the daily basis. We materialize and attract our desires and experiences each day. How? We work with our faith, our Source in guidance us to bring us want we have asked for. Though we can see and feel it occurring. On some level, we feel the energy streaming thru the universe to either allow or block our desires. How? Just like a teenager, they “think” they know what they want and know best and times they do, however, they have to experience life of their free will. This is how we allow or block the streaming energy, by our choice of free will. We choose to see, feel, or even have a relationship with the non-physical. The non-physical is our partner in the life we choose to have now.

The partners we have in the Non-Physical are infinite. They are our guides, guardians, and loved ones, all of Spirit is working in conjunction with us daily. Yet they are still One, Source. They are Self Manifestations of Source experiencing Itself. Think of it this way, if you have a twin and you go through life experiencing the same thoughts and doing the same actions, even at lengthy distances apart. You are experiencing what the other is doing. There comes a day where the twin wants to have its own identity. The twin creates a new self-identity, but it is still a twin. Just as we are Source energy with different identities. Source has this desire to know each creation, each manifestation intimately. Our desire for self-knowledge of Source is an expansion of Source’s desires. Each level of physical to non-physical being allows for more in-depth wisdom to know our experience is the experience of One.

Oneness is when we become aware of the meeting of the non-physical and physical. It is as we walk with a new understanding of no separation. As we go through the day, are we conscious of the energy we wield? Are we aware of the possibility of what we manifest? Are we aware that all matter and energy are in flux? Nothing ever remains still. The reason why we see matter is because it moves at a slow rate, which gives it the ability to support other physical matter, like us. All energy is like, just in different forms. The ground we walk on, the bed we sleep in, and all we touch moves at the same rate as we do, which is the reason it can support us. Which is the reason why can feel the energy we come in the full awareness of energy we touch and feel. We are one with all we come into contact with, animate and inanimate.

The non-physical energy we cannot see only feel vibrates at a much faster rate, yet we are still connected to it. These are the Spirits and Entities guiding us daily, this is wind and sun touching our face. This is our aura and chakras. All this energy can felt and measured at some point and we are aware of its existence. When we are connected to Source or in the stream of consciousness, we vibrate at that frequency to match the information, manifestations, or anything else we desire to feel. Being One is like putting on clothes, sometimes we feel them, sometimes we don’t, but we know they are there.

Our desire to know the Divine Parent as the Divine Parent wanting to know Itself better. We all have this thought ingrained in our spirit. We are always searching to know self better. Why? To be better? To know God? To know where we come from? To live in a higher state of consciousness? To evolve? Whatever the reason for the path chosen, know that we are all One, living in One place, living in One mind. We are all connected in a stream of consciousness.

Dear ones, We are One and have a strong desire to expand our consciousness. Through the experience and interaction of each other, we will come to the internal knowledge we are One with the ever expanding existence of Source.


Today have an appreciation for the individual entity learning more about Self.

Today have an appreciation for the love and guidance of the non-physical.

Today have an appreciation for the manifestation for the true knowing realized.



Reaching to the light

Connecting to the rays

Creating a link

Creating a chain

Having a bridge to walk the path created


You are my connection

I am the connector

Being of matter

A matter of being

All that is of form

Living to raise the vibration


Embracing what is chosen

Changing what has hindered

Standing in the flow

Shining the light

Raising the vibration by just being