Oneness Part 2

Hillis_Pugh_Oneness_part _2Today have an appreciation for Oneness, I Am Human. (pt. 2)

Oneness has been the center of my personal journey for the past year of my being. You can read the previous entries to follow my journey. The core belief of Oneness is No Separation, all is intertwined, non-physical and physical. I want to dive deeper into the human aspect of Oneness. We know we are a being connecting to all that is, but how do we connect, what are we connected to, what is the connection we create?

Dear Ones, I want to first express the phrase and belief of “Co-Creation.” What does co-creation really mean? Do we create with other humans? Are we a part of the streaming collective consciousness? Are we aware of the creations we create or can even grasp the streaming ideas? The short answer is yes. Know this dear one, Co-Creation is our human self-co-creating with our Higher-Self. This is the essence of co-creation. Our higher self is plugged into the consciousness that IS. This is how we can generate ideas and become in alignment with others with same ideas, because they already exist. The ideas, the way to manifest the ideas, all the information already exist; we just have to become attune to the ideas in the non-physical to manifest them to the physical.

With each passing day, our physical self, our human body speaks to us, guides us in creation of the health and survival of this body. Some of us may not be plugged in, but may still be aware, listening to what our purpose is. Those of us who are connected do listen to our purpose, because our cells, DNA, and Spirit work in concert. This concert or co-creation allows for greater manifestation, but only if we allow our love to come thru. The love we have ever changes, but is always constant.

I am guided to share this story of love and how it changes. Those who know me personally, known in 2015 my aunt and mom made their transition into Spirit. We all know of a mother’s love, and they were both my mom. In the physical reality, the love my mother and aunt expressed was a great love, unlike any other. When they passed, I felt as it the world I helped shape and shaped me ended. My thoughts were clouded, my emotions were muddled, and physically weak. Yet while in this human body, I still felt the love of my mother and aunt. I was connected to them. There was comfort knowing they were around me. Though their state of being changed, their love did not. Their love is omnipresent.

Love expressed in both human and spirit never changes and is a constant. Being human allows for the Soul to feel the many levels of love. Yet as we evolve, we come to understand love is Love, no matter the size of it. We tend to put limitation on such a limitless energy and feeling. Love is like a new sensation. The first time we experience it, in the varying degrees and purest form, we want more of it. Yet as we get more exposure to it, the sensation lessens because we are used to it. We recognize it. So now we seek to find new ways to experience that first time feeling of love. We alter our state of being and consciousness with food, alcohol, drugs, anything we “think” is going to bring us back to that first introduction of the feeling of Love. Dear ones, Love changes as our awareness changes.

The first experience of love is a new sensation. We are on a lower vibration, a lower frequency than the pure energy of love. As time passes, our vibration rises and become more into alignment with the frequency of love. We recognize and feel it. Example, someone with an addictive behavior introduces something new into their experience, then they get use to the one experience, they then seek out ways to amp up the experience by adding more to it, much more or different like experiences, food, drugs, sex, or alcohol. Why do we do this to our bodies? We are wanting and chasing the first sensation we ever had, Love.

Dear one, I am here to comfort you, to let you know Love never changes, only our awareness of it. Only we evolve to the reach higher vibrations of love. Love is only what allow or block. Love is the Oneness we seek. Love is the co-creation process. Love is both experiencing Humanity and Spirit in one Entity called You. You are Love. You are all that you can conceive beginning and ending with Love.


Today have an appreciation interconnectedness shared with the physical and non-physical.

Today have an  appreciation for knowing we are always connected to Source.

Today have an appreciation for the infinite Love shared and inducing new experiences.



One of constant hope

Filled with light

Sharing the love

Shaping the experiences

Allowing for solutions

Having the will to take action

Utilizing the tools to make the change


Tears of loss

Tears of change

Tears shed to wash away the hurt

Tears to water the growth asked for

Standing in the face of truth

Standing in the never before

Standing to push the door open

Standing to allow your brilliance to been seen

Standing in your strength


Feeling your love around me

A love only felt by love

You are noticed

You are seen

You are joy

Going thru the process

A heart mended from a new awakening

I know you better now

As you know me now


Passing through this life to get to next

Creating a ripple

Being a the center to reach out

Coming thru the pain endured

Transmuted the pain to love

Fulfilling my agreement

Now understand what transpired

A soul moving from one existence to next

I smile because I know the truth


A soul of agreement

An entity carrying out a promise

Honoring self

Honoring the agreement

Keeping the bond of 2

Connecting others

There is always more


Living in one community


Living as one race


Individuals of free will journeying to the same end

Different paths yet common behaviors

Exist to be noticed or participate

Know the golden rule

To love self is to love others


What do you believe

What do you dream

How do you inspire

How do you feel

Do you detach

Are you whole



Live now