More of Me

Hillis_Pugh_more_of_meJust when we come to a place where we have reached our limit, we discover there is more of self, more of me to give. This realization arrives in a time when we are at point of feeling defeated. Suddenly we receive a surge of energy, of light to move forward.




More Of Me 

More of me

Not what you use to see

Allowing me to be

No less of the predecessor a successor of fate

All else lie in wake


Little by little

Piece by piece all is deceased

Now nurturing a side hidden in plain sight







A crack in the shield revealing light

Beaming freedom of old new

Leaving only light



A refraction and attraction of allowance

Of desires


Getting to the root of self

Uncovering the brush of stuff from seasons past

The sweet release of bitterness


Accessing core of thought

Orb of life

Spark of creation

Divine me


Becoming more me

Knowing there is more of me to give

An ascension beyond Earthly realms

Recognizing it was always there

I’ve always been me

Now there is more of me