Master Apprentice

Hillis_Pugh_Master_ApprenticeTo be a true master, is to be a master of self. Only you can control what you allow. What do you allow in your beingness and in your moments. The life experience is one of remembrance. Remembering who we are, Divine Beings of Light. We are apprentices of  Self, to know we are already Masters. Masters of self, Masters of love, Masters of peace. Tap into what is already known.



Master Apprentice

Wondering the labyrinth of the mind
Toiling around
Seeking the center and not the way out
The place where I belong
I am here

In the center
Control of self
Viewing the world through self-contained experiences
Knowing I am not alone
Being an example for others

Mimicking others before thee
Having a desire to be just as they were
Coming to full knowledge they were just as they were
I am who I am

Evolution of a lifetime before
Now claiming the truth of self
I understand now
Just as I understood before

No Longer separate
No Longer divided
Living whole
A teacher of self and to the world

Master of self
Feeling the way through
Only I know what is means
What it feels to be a master
I am already what I claim to be
A Master